The 13 Best Denim Shirts for Women


Denim Shirts
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Hear me out: denim shirts are trending for fall and winter 2022. The piece, perhaps most memorably worn by Stillwater in Almost Famous, is just the latest in a slew of Western-inspired trends that have crept their way into our closets this year. We started with the cowboy boots and now we’re here! But these are not the denim shirts of yore. Instead, these new iterations are available in just about every wash, length, and style. To prove it, I rounded up a bunch of the best denim shirts for women you can buy right now. After all, I am the person who quite literally shops online for a living.

This list includes everything from classic iterations that would not feel out of place at a Kacey Musgraves concert to more modern-feeling versions. When in doubt, throw one of these over your favorite summer mini dress and call it a day—it’s a foolproof fall outfit combination that looks just as effortless as it feels.

Julia Marzovilla
Julia Marzovilla

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