Hailey Bieber Exuded Holiday Cheer in Festive Ferragamo Red

Her look was a love letter to Maximillian Davis's magic.

Hailey Bieber in a Red Date Night outfit by Ferragamo
(Image credit: Backgrid)

The holidays are an exciting time of year. Unwrapping presents under the tree and writing down resolutions for the New Year are activities we look forward to all year long. The holiday season is also the perfect time to try out exciting formal wear. Holiday parties, New Year's Eve, and end-of-year events call for our statement wardrobe pieces, like conversation-starting coats, glittery dresses, and platform heels. For those with a soft spot for un-fussy minimalist pieces, this time of year allows for more room to play with bolder styles that we wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. Case in point: Hailey Bieber's red date-night outfit from last night. In a red-hot ruby shearling Ferragamo coat, Bieber offered the perfect dose of inspiration for holiday dressing. The Gen-Z fashion icon’s ensemble plays on the red color trend, but the entire ensemble sticks to her usual sleek and minimal aesthetic. 

While heading to the Rhode holiday party in Los Angeles, Hailey made a statement in her cherry-colored coat while hand-in-hand with her husband, Justin Bieber. Hailey’s coat is from the Fall/Winter 2023 Ferragamo collection, as is the red long-sleeved dress she wore underneath, which can be seen on her Instagram. The wine-toned mini dress had a chrome sheen, a high neck, and draping detail throughout.

Hailey’s holiday date-night outfit plays on textures and colors, so the rest of her ensemble is quite simple. She wrapped up the look with black tights, suede black pumps, chunky gold earrings, and her paparazzi-blocker black sunnies. Her glamorous updo and glossy red lip (Could it be… a new Rhode lip-tint shade?) tied the monochromatic outfit together. 

Hailey red ferragamo coat

(Image credit: Backgrid)

In short, Hailey’s look was glamorous and balanced the grandeur that a holiday party requires with one statement piece. The rest of the look—her mini-dress and black heels—were the epitome of ideal party dressing. Justin complimented her in an oversized black suit, proving he is able to leave the sweatsuit at home and dress up when necessary. 

Before Maximillian Davis took over for Ferragamo, the brand struggled to connect with a younger audience. But his first show at the helm, the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, saw Davis playing with modern silhouettes and fabrications that asserted Ferragamo was back as an industry power player. In Davis' debut show, the designer also kickstarted the red color trend, which has since become the signature shade of the brand and dominated 2023. It’s safe to say that Davis reinvigorated Ferragamo as a cool-girl brand and has more than surpassed the goal of introducting the Italian brand to a new audience. And it helps that someone like Hailey, who has enormous Gen-Z sway, is a fan of the brand, too.

If you’re heading to a holiday fête, Bieber's party-red ensemble is the perfect inspiration. Find one or two statement pieces to anchor your look with, and don’t forget to include an on-trend pop of red or a fun metallic piece.

Kaitlin Clapinski
Fashion Writer

Kaitlin is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in fashion, beauty, and culture. Her work is also featured in Editorialist, The Everygirl, Bustle, The Zoe Report, and i-D Magazine.