The Most Expensive, Over-the-Top Jewelry Celebrities Have Ever Worn

We're talking upwards of $20 million for a single piece.

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One of the best things about being a celebrity? Getting access to some of the most expensive jewelry on Earth, and being able to wear them for a night (typically for an awards ceremony). Just as important as picking the exact couture gown that's right for the event is picking the opulent jewelry that's going to complement your look perfectly and give the right amount of sparkle—and get everyone talking, obviously. If you're even luckier, you might buy or receive a piece of jewelry that is yours forever.

The baubles on this list also include engagement rings and other pieces that celebs received or purchased for themselves (Elizabeth Taylor in particular had an incredible jewelry collection, including one standout diamond that's going to blow your mind). So let's all pretend that we're celebrities for a moment and ogle all these gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that cost literally millions of dollars—and pretend that, one day, we can wear them too. Below, the most expensive, over-the-top jewelry celebrities have ever worn.

Kate Winslet, 2010 Oscars

priciest jewels kate winslet

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The Oscars can be Hollywood's sparkliest night, not just in terms of the star power but also the jewelry on display. This Tiffany & Co. set was valued at $2.5 million for the necklace and nearly $1 million for the earrings and bracelets. While this was not the most rare yellow Tiffany diamond (appearing here on the necklace), it was still incredibly precious.

Helen Mirren, 2018 Oscars

priciest jewels helen mirren

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To match her gorgeous ocean blue gown, Helen Mirren donned a Harry Winston set consisting of an ornate, sparkly cushion-cut sapphire and diamond necklace—that, with the matching earrings, was valued at $3.8 million. (A subtle touch: Her hair matches the diamonds!)

Salma Hayek, 2018 Oscars

priciest jewels salma hayek

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Salma Hayek's Gucci dress would have been blingy enough on its own (with tons of Swarovski crystals adoring it), but then she accessorized with some seriously pricey earrings: $4.2 million for those Harry Winston chandelier earrings. And they go perfectly!

Jennifer Lopez, Engagement Ring

priciest jewels j lo

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In 2002, Ben Affleck got engaged to Jennifer Lopez (the first time!) with a Harry Winston 6.1-carat pink diamond, with smaller white diamonds on the side. It's unverified, but estimated to be worth between $2.5 and $4.5 million. (J. Lo gave it back when the engagement was called off.)

Charlize Theron, 2013 Oscars

priciest jewels charlize theron

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Those gorgeous diamond cuffs on Charlize Theron's wrist? They were Harry Winston, and apparently worth a total of $4.5 million. They were the perfect pairing with Theron's Christian Dior dress, and the star wisely kept the rest of the look simple to let the jewelry be the focus.

Jennifer Lopez, 2011 Golden Globes

priciest jewels j lo

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Sometimes, it's all about the aggregate value of the jewelry someone's wearing (especially if it's a matching set). In the case of J. Lo's Oscars appearance, that's Harry Winston diamond cluster earrings ($3 million), plus a diamond brooch in her hair, diamond cuff, and diamond ring (worth $2 million).

Beyoncé Engagement Ring

priciest jewelry Beyoncé

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This emerald-cut ring Queen Bey received from Jay-Z in 2008 reportedly cost $5 million (thus over $6 million today). It's 24 carats, and one of the most expensive engagement rings in the world (which makes sense for the singing royalty)—although not the most expensive, as you'll see.

Isla Fisher, 2019 Golden Globes

priciest jewels isla fisher

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Isla Fisher went to the Golden Globes in a Harry Winston set. The standout was obviously the 73-carat diamond necklace, but the 8-carat diamond earrings and two rings (2 carats and 6 carats, respectively) all added up to a combined value of $5.5 million, per HELLO! magazine.

Jessica Alba, 2013 Golden Globes

priciest jewels jessica alba

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A coral Oscar de la Renta dress and matching lip would be stunning enough on the actor, but the Harry Winston necklace (which looked like it was literally dripping diamonds) was apparently worth $5.8 million. (The earrings and ring were also Harry Winston, NBD.)

Sofia Vergara, 2013 Emmys

priciest jewels sofia vergara

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This cool color-blocked set of earrings was Lorraine Schwartz and made out of a ruby, sapphire, and Colombian emerald (Vergara is from Colombia). And then! A 40-carat Colombian diamond ring adorned her right hand, and then a 21-carat diamond ring was on her left for good measure. Estimated total value: $7 million.

Nicole Kidman, 2008 Oscars

priciest jewels nicole kidman

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This L'Wren Scott custom necklace has a pretty ripple effect (it's not about the size of the individual stones but the cascading layered effect over Kidman's dress in this case—in total, there are 7,500(!) stones). It apparently cost $7 million and took 6,200 hours to make.

Amy Adams, 2014 Golden Globes

priciest jewels amy adams

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This is more than the sum of its (very simple, very expensive) parts: The 30-carat diamond pendant (which is the standout), plus 12-carat diamond ring and 10-carat diamond earrings all together cost $8 million. Unlike some of these, you wouldn't know the cost right away—you have to look closely.

Lady Gaga, 2016 Oscars

priciest jewels lady gaga

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Lady Gaga always knows how to pose with her striking jewelry (and really can call in some of the most expensive pieces of all time!). These Lorraine Schwartz earrings were apparently valued at $8 million, and are a combined 80 carats according to ELLE. (How heavy do we think they were??)

Sandra Bullock, 2014 Oscars

priciest jewels sandra bullock

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Add together the combined value of these Lorraine Schwartz earrings ($1.8 million) and bracelet ($6.4 million) on Sandra Bullock's 2014 Oscars look, and you've got an intensely sparkly, expensive look that's concentrated instead of spread out through smaller pieces.

Elizabeth Taylor, Oscars 1970

priciest jewelry elizabeth taylor

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Unlike a lot of items on this list, Elizabeth Taylor actually owned this piece. The Krupp diamond was a gift from Richard Burton and was originally formatted as a ring, but Taylor found it too clunky (lol) and remade it as a necklace. It was sold in 1979 for a sum between $3-5 million, which (with inflation) could make this worth anywhere from $8 to more then $21 million.

Mariah Carey, Engagement Ring

priciest jewels mariah carey

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When she got engaged to James Packer, he gave her an engagement ring valued at a legendary $10 million. The two are not engaged anymore and there were reports that she no longer has it—it was rumored (via People) she sold it for $2.1 million.

Anne Hathaway, 2011 Oscars

priciest jewels anne hathaway

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When she presented at the Oscars, Anne Hathaway wore the Tiffany & Co. Lucida Star diamond (worth $10 million) and paired it with a matching Tiffany earrings set and ring. CBS reported she was paid $750k to exclusively wear Tiffany (not a bad gig, tbh).

Gigi Hadid, Met Gala 2021

priciest jewelry gigi hadid

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This one of a kind Jacob & Co necklace is worth a whopping $12 million and is 118 carats (and comes with matching studs)—giving a very shiny effect. After all, the Met Gala is the time to break out the biggest looks, so this looks is actually perfectly on theme.

Beyonce, Grammys 2017

priciest jewels beyonce

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You don't always see diamond necklaces in a "y" shape, but this Lorraine Schwartz necklace is a perfect pairing with Queen Bey's low-cut dress. With the necklace and rings combined, the look weighs in at $12 million. And they ended up matching to her awards!

Heidi Klum, 2001 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

priciest jewels heidi klum

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If you remember, Victoria's Secret used to make an ultra-expensive, jewel-adorned, bespoke bra that was worth a ton of money—it would often be the standout for their Fashion Show every year. This was the first televised show, and Heidi Klum wears the Heavenly Star Bra, worth $12.5 million.

Gisele Bundchen, 2005 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

priciest jewels gisele bundchen

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Coming in at $12.5 million is the Sexy Splendour Fantasy Bra (which came with a matching belt!) and featured a ton of rubies, although the standout is probably the huge diamond pendant in the center. This was the first time Gisele Bundchen would model the fantasy bra, but not the last.

Beyonce, MTV Music Awards 2016

priciest jewels beyonce

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For an opulent dress that literally made Queen Bey look like she had wings, the jewelry needed to match. This was Lorraine Schwartz and worth  $13.1 million. The dress came down past the wrists, so it was hard to see her blingy rings, but the emerald earrings are also a standout.

Gisele Bundchen, 2000 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

priciest jewels gisele bundchen

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To date, this is the most expensive piece of lingerie. Bundchen wore the Red Hot Fantasy Bra and matching panties, worth an epic $15 million (it's worth noting, though, that she never modeled it on the runway, just in the campaign and at an event).

Charlize Theron, Oscars 2014

priciest jewelry charlize theron

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That center stone is huuuuge. This Harry Winston necklace is valued at $15.8 million and is a 21-carat emerald-cut beauty. The earrings are also Harry Winston, naturally, and the cut of the dress was absolutely perfect for her jewelry, mimicking the shape but staying out of the way.

Cate Blanchett, Oscars 2014

priciest jewelry cate blanchett

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In total, this Chopard set of opal earrings, diamond bracelet, and diamond ring was valued at $18 million. While it doesn't set the record as most expensive jewelry ever worn at the Oscars, it absolutely complemented the golden trophy that Blanchett took home.

Madonna, Oscars 1991

priciest jewelry madonna

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The only thing more exciting than Madonna's Oscar date (Michael Jackson) was her jewelry: Made up to channel Marilyn Monroe, she was wearing $20 million of Harry Winston diamonds. An absolutely stunning and literal take on “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Gloria Stuart, 1998 Oscars

priciest jewelry gloria stuart

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The actor who played Rose in Titanic got a glimpse of what the film's necklace (also known as the Heart of the Ocean) might actually feel like. This Harry Winston 15-carat blue diamond necklace, modeled in the same style as the movie's necklace, was reportedly valued at $20 million.

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring

priciest jewels jackie kennedy

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According to Brides, when Jacqueline Kennedy got engaged to Aristotle Onassis (who was one of the wealthiest men in the world, no big deal) she donned the Lesotho III, by Harry Winston, at 40.42 carats. After her death, the ring was sold for $2.6 million at auction, which after inflation would be more than $20 million.

Lady Gaga, 2019 Academy Awards

priciest jewelry lady gaga

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The Tiffany Diamond (128.54 carats, one of the largest in the world and extremely rare) was valued at $30 million when Lady Gaga wore it. It's only been worn by three other people—Mrs E. Sheldon Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Beyonce.

Dua Lipa, 2023 Met Gala

priciest jewels dua lipa

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Dua Lipa got to be the first person to wear Tiffany & Co.’s Legendary diamond, the centerpiece of the Lucida Star necklace, and valued at $30 million. It's over 100 carats and meant to evoke the iconic, historical yellow Tiffany Diamond through its similar shape.

Carrie Underwood, 2013 Grammys

priciest jewelry carrie underwood

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This Johnathon Arndt necklace was worth $31 million...way back in 2013, when Carrie Underwood wore it to the Grammys. It's "381 carats of oval, pear, marquise, and round brilliant white diamonds," per People, and Underwood joked, “I’m afraid someone is going to tackle me and steal it…It’s worth more than me.”

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring

priciest jewels grace kelly

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According to Brides, Grace Kelly's engagement ring to Prince Rainier III of Monaco was valued at more than $4 million dollars when the pair got married in 1956. Adjusted for inflation, that's more than $44 million dollars. The emerald-cut diamond is currently with the ruling family in Monaco.

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