Project Runway Episode 8 Recap: Seth Aaron's Take

Former winner Seth Aaron Henderson sums up each new episode of Project Runway just for MC.

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Well what do we have here? Is this a men's challenge? At last it would seem so, as a line of interesting guys of all different shapes and sizes march out onto the runway. I could see the bloody fear in the designer's eyes. Heidi says to our kids at this point, they will be designing for a client and not their models. And this will be determined by the little magical bag she is holding, but Anya wone the last challenge and has the first pick of the lineup of male models? Ya, right! "Male models." Wink! So the kids go one by one and choose their own death. (I'm just kidding around...the guys seem cool and stuff...I'm just feeling spunky as I'm all on lockdown in a hotel room in Kentucky and kinda freaking out! Don't get me wrong, Kentucky is fantastic, but I'm by myself and missing Tina, Aaron and Megann right about now.) So the designers make it throw the selection process and by now I'm feeling "This is going to be a super hot mess" for most of them. Then Heidi says they will not be designing for these dudes, wait for it...They will be designing for their wives or girlfriends, oh super! You know the producers have really pulled a fast one this season. I'm being totally real when I say "I'm taking crazy pills!!!" At these point we now see the better halves. Some are working and some??? But I have faith in our little ones and have the confidence that they will pull it off. Are you buying what I'm putting down? Didn't think so. Anyway in my opinion some designers really lucked out (Viktor) and some just, well let's put this nicely, got the shaft (Olivier!) But that is the name of the Project Runway game after all. Like I have always said, you signed up for this. Deal with it! Haha, silly designers. Okay there is so much going on in this challenge I could keep going on and on and on and on, oh wait for it, and on and on. I won't. Let's talk runway!


Honestly I can't get past the Barbie aspect of this. Fancy that, a Barbie client gets a Barbie designer. "Hello! Let's have a Barbie beach party!!!!! Won't it be so fun?" The dress fit terribly, but I must say the color was awesome.


I could see what the judges were saying. This dress was vintage looking and well made. Maybe it was the V-neck that resembled a cheerleader.


Okay, let's face it: Bert likes simple and a bit more simple with a simple added to that. This is not a bad thing but in this competition you will lose in the end. This is about current innovation, not retail. Bert needs to pump up the volume or he is a goner!


Now this is simple in all the right ways. Current and super fantabulous. He really listened to his client and ultimately turned it out. Very smart move on Josh's part at this stage in the competition. Loved this take on a little black dress. PS: The shoes made it. Nice job rocking it out, Josh!


Oohhhh mannnnnnn?????? To be fair I really liked the color of this dress. Me likey some hot pink, but dude! totally wrong fabric. If you are going to use a linen type fabric, know when to use it! This type of textile looks like a f***ing mess, like in the first hour of wearing it. Bryce: Know the fabric you are working with. Also, you must sew it well. This was the case of not doing that. It looked a mess, but I must say it was on trend from a design standpoint.


Have we seen that fabric before? I'm certain we have. In any case, this look wasn't the best we've seen from Kimberly. She is capable of turning out some major design. I personally think Kimberly client had the junk in the trunk to make a statement and I would have showcased it. Sorry this was a missed opportunity.


F-me! I feel like Olivier was set up to fail from the get-go. He had, let's say the mega-housewife from Orange County. Absolutely nothing will make her happy with her appearance but a trip to the plastic surgeon. I'm not even going to comment on his look because I think he suffered enough. Poor boy :(


This dress was fresh and cool. Loved the graphic element to it as well as the construction. It was a new look in an Anya-style that really worked. My only comment is I would have ditched the sleeve. Nina was spot on! Of course.


For starters, this look sucked! Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This just made me flip out. It made me excited about this season in fact. Can one just get more in tune with what they are doing? I don't think so!!!!!!!! For me this was the undeniable winner. So I guess that means I disagree with the judges. Not just the winner but the "I don't need to look at anything past this point" winner. He could have been first and I didn't need to look any further. He embellished the client to her fullest. Everything made sense. The styling, the cuts, the execution were perfect. And she owned it! Not to take away from Josh's win, he did an amazing look. But this one for me met the point of the show.

Well dang! That's another wrap recap. Till next week. Thanks kids.

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