Lily James Gives Us 3 Real-Girl Denim Lessons

Even Cinderella herself lives in jeans.

Lily James, denim outfit
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Lily James may be the quintessential Cinderella (opens in new tab) on the red carpet, but she's just as much of blue jean baby as the next girl.

If you need proof, look no further than the April 2015 issue of ASOS Magazine (opens in new tab),where she's transcending decades in denim. Here, the English Rose (she'll always be the progressive Downton Abbey party girl in our hearts) is going retro with '70s style and we're taking notes...

Lily James, denim

(Image credit: ASOS/Piczo)

ICYMI: The '70s have returned and are chicer than ever. For a true throwback to the groovy era, try a denim jumpsuit like the one James is wearing. But the real key to nailing the look? The scarf. If you want to channel the rock 'n' roll crowd à la Kate Moss, opt for a super-skinny style. From wearing one tied around the neck or around your belt loops, get even more styling inspo from Moss' go-to scarf guy here (opens in new tab).

Shop it: ASOS Wide Leg Cut Out Denim Jumpsuit in Indigo, $92;  (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab).

Lily James, denim dress

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Why has it never occurred to us to do this before? Because they're a childhood staple and, you know, farmers swear by 'em, overalls don't exactly have a shining reputation in the sex appeal department. To add an unexpected, sultry touch to the look, try a soft, peasant-style open shoulder top to show off a little bit of skin in a subtle way. Fun fact: The "top" that James is wearing is actually a lightweight cotton mesh dress, so keep your eyes peeled for a double-duty piece.

Shop it: ASOS Denim Midi Pinafore Dress With Raw Hem, $70; (opens in new tab).

Shakuhachi Off Shoulder Dress in Mesh Fabric, $156 (was $195); (opens in new tab).

Lily James, denim

(Image credit: ASOS/Piczo)

Raw hem denim is hotter than ever and not just for your mega-flares. There are plenty of styles you can buy frayed off-the-rack or you can take matters into your own hands and cut 'em at the sleeves and collar. To get the look, use fabric scissors and use the sharp side of the blade to graze the ends for a frayed effect. Easy!

Shop it: ASOS Raw Hem Denim Crop Jacket, $74; (opens in new tab).

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