This New App Analyzes Your Closet and Puts Outfits Together for You

I know I've seen this before...

Clueless Outfit Generator
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Back to the Future might have promised (and mostly failed to deliver, ahem) hoverboards, but at least we've now got a version of Cher Horowitz's computer program to play with.

Let's pretend we don't know what I'm talking about:

Apparel Paris, a new app from French startup The Innovation Company, is like the above but portable enough not to require a huge old-school monitor. Here's how it works: You choose your body shape and skin tone, then scroll through a list of 800 "basics," selecting similar items you own. If a particular piece isn't available, you can take a photo of it, describe its characteristics, and add it to your closet. Then you tell the app if you're going for dressy or casual, and…it creates outfits for you! Just like that. You can even have it take the weather into account. And you can swap pieces out and also create ensembles around a specific garment you want to wear.

Okay, but how is it with complicated layering? Will it even recognize cropped, flared jeans? And what if it just gives up trying to coordinate that one really weird mistake-skirt/shirt/poncho we all own? Well, it was kind of a massive success in France, so there's that. Watch the instructional video below, then head to the App Store.

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