Exclusive: T.J.Maxx Is Launching Plus-Size Shopping Online

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Women's clothes on a rail on sale
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T.J.Maxx—home of those boots you wore 'til they were dead and that bag you never knew you needed—is launching a plus-size collection online. *praise emoji*

This marks the first time size-14-to-20 clothes have ever been available on the brand's site, and is an awesome body-equality moment for women who have to (annoyingly) go out of their way just to find clothes that fit.

Come 9 a.m. tomorrow, that's all changing: The retailer will have brand name dresses, shirts, pants, and swimwear available on tjmaxx.com for purchase in sizes 14 and over—and their bright, floral selection is just in time for spring.

Here's a sneak peek of the offerings (sorry, credit card):

T.J.Maxx plus-size women's wear online shopping

(Image credit: T.J.Maxx)

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