Taylor Swift's New Clothing Line Makes It Really Tempting to Plaster Her Name/Lyrics All Over Your Body

But like, tastefully.

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Update, 1/21: Go to Hong Kong for the food, stay for the official Taylor Swift merchandise. 

While the singer herself didn't make it to the presentation Monday, her flippy skirts, midriff-bearing sweaters, and lyric-emblazoned sweatshirts did, drawing the interest of international buyers, who, for now, have to go home empty-handed. (In an effort to curb the sale of fake Taylor Swift products in China/capitalize on her popularity there, the capsule collection is only available on online platforms Tmall and JD.com, according to Women's Wear Daily.  

Courtesy of JD.com

But you know how it is—a few million in sales here, some other retailers clamoring for their own piece of the Tay Tay action there, and pretty soon, you won't even need to look up a Chinese version of Postmates. Sweet. 

Original story, 7/21: Taylor Swift, early adapter of the Givenchy Couture headband, has signed a clothing-line deal with Chinese e-tailer JD.com, CNN Money reports

Alongside "authentic American" products such as Samsonite suitcases and Ocean Spray cranberry juice, the site's "U.S. Mall" channel will carry Tay Tay-branded dresses, sweatshirts, and (presumably cropped) tops, which will debut later this summer to coincide with the Shanghai leg of her 1989 tour. 

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But even so, the Taylor Swift Effect—in that everything she touches turns to triple platinum—is, um, already in effect: JD shares can't stop, won't stop climbing

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