The Secret to Making Your Turtlenecks Look Better Is in Your Gym Bag

I mean, yeah, deodorant, but that's not it.

Stunned analysts clutched one another in disbelief as turtleneck sales rose 29,384 percent this month, thanks to Drake, "Hotline Bling," and a sweater in a gray as soft as his feelings. I just made that figure up, but even without my meddling, 2015 is the Year of the Turtleneck—that's a fact.

Mainly, they're for layering under anything you'd rather be wearing but can't because you don't want to contract hypothermia, but styled à la Drizzy (i.e. by itself), a snug roll-neck knit can be more Netflix and chill than eating Easy Mac by yourself while watching Jessica Jones (opens in new tab)That brings us to the Great Boobage Problem.

Regular bra = disturbingly droopy even though it does its job under other tops. No bra = don't even think about it. (Unless that is your thing. Then, by all means, be the change.) So onto the sports bra it is.

Why? 1) With that bit of compression, you get a flatter, more fashion-y look that counteracts the volume a higher neck automatically adds. 2) No worries about anything moving around. 3) Leandra Medine (AKA The Man Repeller) said she does it (opens in new tab).

There's the small issue of the uniboob, but with this season's thicker Lurex and waffle-knit options, no one's going to be the wiser. Shop some of our favorites below. 

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(Image credit: Courtesy of the designers)

1. Zara short-sleeve sweater, $39.90, (opens in new tab).

2. Topshop metallic sweater, $24, (opens in new tab).

3. Mango striped sweater, $59.99, (opens in new tab).

4. Boohoo striped sweater, $30, (opens in new tab).

5. Aritzia sweater, $165, (opens in new tab).

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