Monica Belluci in 'Mozart in the Jungle' Is Adult-Woman Dressing Goals

At least now I know what I want to look like when I grow up.

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On Friday, while the rest of the world was out on the town and/or painting it red, some of us were blanket-burrito-ed on our couches watching all 10 new episodes of an Amazon series about a young oboist and several other misfits from the same fictional orchestra finding their respective ways through Messiaen, hallucinatory episodes, and directing/hooking up with the Venetian Maria Callas. "We gotta loose cannon over here," the peanut gallery titters. "Somebody sort her out." I know! But that's not even the wildest part—that would be Monica Bellucci's costumes in season three of Mozart in the Jungle, which stands out even amongst the near-homicides and will-they-or-won't-they-OH-#$%-THEY-DID couplings.

For one, Monica Bellucci. That alone eliminates points two through 73, but when you put her in fluted opera-diva suits and dark sunglasses for day and jewel tones with clouds of tulle about the shoulders for night, it is all but too much—like the very best of Dolce & Gabbana's bosomy Italian-widow aesthetic come to life.


You could equate Bellucci herself with that aforementioned vibe, but the wardrobe department creates a three-dimensional, complex character with her other clothes: a relaxed yet dangerously fitted housedress in a palazzo that doesn't feel like home, and, interestingly, Golden Goose-esque sneakers and boot-cut jeans (quelle horreur) when she hasn't yet regained the confidence to come out of her self-imposed exile.


Altogether, this is the believable progression of a changing person whose style evolves with her as she stages her literal second act; this is great sartorial storytelling—within a larger, also-great narrative—that's 100 percent worth staying in for.

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