This Is the Official It-Girl Winter Uniform of 2016

Warmer than the name suggests.Warmer than the name suggests.

Winter turns us all into people who apologize for what they wore when they were cold—even the ones who earlier insisted on keeping their leather jackets on in 80-degree weather. ("Hello? That's my outfit.") But it doesn't have to be grimaces and lumpy woolens until the vernal equinox, even though global warming is still very real. Send in the It Girls.

Whatever your stance on fur, we are all the same in the eyes of the polar vortex, when not even an animal pelt can keep the arctic chill from penetrating, thus equalizing the outside temperature and that of your soul at a RealFeel™ of -2 degrees. This is why you take a page from the stylish famous people and layer a hoodie under your statement coat—to escape death, yes, but also to create the illusion of caring about being properly dressed.

Here's why it works: The fleece provides an extra layer of insulation and head coverage, while allowing you to go braless underneath. (Or wear Heattech. It's your life.) The trophy topper, in striped (synthetic) hair or patent leather, covers everything else for a nice presentation, like a trash gift wrapped in a Chanel bag.

We suggest zip-up styles to prevent overheating and staticky hair, but pullovers are cool too.

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I ain't sorry.

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