Elle and Blair Fowler Start Riot at Time Warner Center

Haul vloggers Elle and Blair Fowler stopped by MC's offices and explain how and why they were banned from NYC's Time Warner Shopping Center.

Haul vloggers, YouTube stars, and all-around adorable gals Blair and Elle Fowler stopped by MC's offices today to hang out and shoot some footage. (We've been obsessing over them since we wrote about the sister act in this July issue story.) While they were here, they explained how and why they — two of the Internet's most famous shoppers — were kicked out of one of New York City's biggest shopping centers.

We'll let them explain the sitch in their own words, but long story short: They announced a "meet-up" of their fans via Blair's JuicyStar07 YouTube account, and expected about 30 of their closest fans to show up at the Time Warner Center near Columbus Circle as per the amount of folks who RSVP'd.

It turned out to be more like 300.

Apparently security freaked and the girls were unceremoniously kicked out and told never to return. Doesn't the Time Warner Center know who these chicks are!? If they knew, say, that this duo can immediately sell out a product via one Tweet, wouldn't they be begging them to shop there? We think someone's gonna get fired when upper management hears about this.

(Not that the girls are bitter. In fact, they're two of the sweetest and most down-to-earth webcelebs we've ever met. They were all like, "Hey, we just wanted to go to Sephora!" and then stood for hours hanging with their fans, ahem, outside of the center.) We have a feeling this ban won't last long, and next time they go to the mall, there's going to be some kind of serious red carpet action involved. —Erin & Koryn