Douglas Hannant's Candy-Colored Collection

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Today, Elle and I got to experience a different kind of fashion show than any other one we've ever gone to. Yes, you have your traditional runway shows at the tents at Lincoln Center, and even a few off location. Then, you have the presentation shows — which, by the way, make me feel bad for the models who have to stand like mannequins in heels for two hours! Then come the unique shows, like Douglas Hannant's at The Plaza. I have actually never been to The Plaza Hotel in New York City, even though I'm slightly obsessed with Eloise at The Plaza, so I was super-anxious to go there and not only see a show, but just to walk through the hotel.

Our first show was Nanette Lepore at the tents, then we ran six or seven blocks (in our heels!) to The Plaza to take our seats and wait for the show to start. I was very surprised to see how small the space was and how few people were there. There were three rows around the outskirts of the runway, then two in the center of the runway. Hardly any cameras were there, and it was a completely different crowd than who you see at the tents. Everyone here knew one another, and it seemed as if the designer was friends with lots of Upper East Siders and just invited them to this teeny show.

Before the show started, I took a few minutes to sneak a peek into my gift bag, and it was full of candy! I assumed this was just because that's a good filler for a gift bag — but when the music started and the model appeared on the runway, I knew there was another motive behind the goodie bag. "I Want Candy" by Aaron Carter was the song that started blasting through out the ballroom. I have to admit, the 9-year-old in me went crazy, and I couldn't help but lip-sing along! The inspiration behind the line was candy, and everything was pink, green, yellow, and purple — very candy-colored.

My favorite dress was a gorgeous flowy cotton candy pink dress with a detailed hot pink shoulder strap and rose applique. He also showcased the "Black and Brown" trend in one of his dresses by mixing a black lace gown over a chocolate brown solid satin fabric. Mixing black and brown has been in a lot of shows this season, but I can't say I'm in love with it.

Tell Marie Claire: What do you think? Would you wear those two colors together?

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