Glamorama: Photo Shoot with Iman

The urban jungle of Manhattan felt a million miles away last week as I was transported into a fashion utopia filled with Shangri-La necklaces and the beautiful and elegant model Iman. Our location was a glamorous New York penthouse, which overlooked both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.

Iconic in status due to her beauty and humanitarian efforts: Iman's presence on set was felt immediately. She wore an oyster colored taffeta dress and Barry Kieselstein-Cord creations. The jewelry was bold, beautiful and imbued with a sense of symbolism. It is no wonder then that these sparkling gems and alligator cuffs were chosen to add a strong and elegant aesthetic to the shoot. As we watched Iman transform herself into a be-jeweled goddess, her hair flowing in the wind; the MET museum (which she stood in front of) seemed to take on a new significance. It was as if the Roman and Greek statues had momentarily been given the kiss of life. Barry Kieselstein-Cord' classically inspired designs only served to enhance this feeling as some of his modern pieces are housed in this very museum!

On the balcony of the penthouse were seven very handsome young men languishing nonchalantly in the heat. They were preparing for their role as supporting Adonis to Iman. The photographer Hamid Bechiri and his assistant Sebastian Vikkelsoe are adored in the fashion world. While they set up their glamorous vision, I passed the time by indulging in blueberry muffins and strawberries and listening to 'Blondie' whilst waiting for the shoot to begin.

Despite these elements of fantasy; it was interesting to observe a supermodel in action. Iman was highly professional and fascinated by all around her. Her beauty is timeless and her age irrelevant. Juxtaposed to Iman's experienced performance it was fun to observe some of the male models that were new to the industry. In fact for one young man from Miami this was his first shoot and he found the experience totally 'unbelievable.' Barry Kieselstein Cord was also pleased with the premise of the photo shoot. Assured that his creations would be beautifully captured by the photographer Hamid.

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