Behati Prinsloo Tells Us How to Get Sexy for Summer

Victoria's Secret, the experts on all things sexy, released its 2013 "What Is Sexy?" List yesterday, naming the hottest celebrities of the year. Some of the top names didn't really surprise us — Sexiest Sense Of Humor went to Jennifer Lawrence and Sexiest Bikini Body went to Rihanna — but we're always happy to celebrate our favorite ladies in Hollywood. In honor of this year's list, we chatted with one of our favorite Victoria's Secret Angels, Behati Prinsloo, who was kind enough to share all of her shortcuts to feeling sexy, just in time for summer. Plus, watch the video below to see Behati, Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton, and Candice Swanepoel reveal the full list!

What's your go-to summer outfit?

Jean shorts and a t-shirt, or a good maxi dress. My favorite bra to go along with any summer outfit is the Very Sexy Multi-way bra because you can wear it several different ways — classic, cross-back, halter, one-strap or strapless. It's perfect for everyday wear and shows off your shape!

Do you normally feel sexier in the summer months? Why?

Summer is my favorite — I can't survive without it! It just makes me feel good, confident, happy, wild, sweaty… the salty ocean water, sea sand, bikinis — what more can I say?

Is there an item in your summer wardrobe you can throw on and you instantly feel sexy?

I can't live without my cutoff jean shorts! I also love the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Forever fragrance because it makes me feel sexy and confident.

Care to share your best summer beauty secrets?

I love sea salt spray for my hair. I don't really wear makeup but I love RMS beauty, I use all of her products.

How do you get in shape for the summer months? Any favorite activities?

I like to go swimming or biking during the summer, I also do Pilates and yoga regularly.

What's your idea of a sexy summertime date?

A full moon beach bonfire date would be epic!

What's your ideal summer meal?

Ice cream, for sure.

Can you tell us 5 artists that are on your poolside playlist?


Jimmy Hendrix

The Police

Bob Marley


Do you have any summer spots in NYC that you particularly love to spend a sunny day? What about outside of the city?

I love going upstate or to Montauk. I also love spending time at my place in the city — I'm lucky enough to have a garden.

What events are you looking forward to most this season?

I was just at Coachella for the first time, and I had so much fun! I'm also excited about going to the beach for the VS swim shoots and going home to Africa to visit my family.

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