31 Father's Day Gifts So Much Better Than Socks and a Tie

Guaranteed to please even the fussiest of dads.

Father's Day Gift Guide Ideas
(Image credit: Courtesy of Brands)

It's easy to get tripped up when looking for gifts for Father's Day. Dad's so staunch with his "I don't need anything new" stance— but we're not buying it. He secretly likes cool stuff, though he'd never admit it, so start by contemplating what sweet new products your guy friends like—drinking, cool gadgets, hip clothes that don't look like they're trying too hard, some secret beauty products (shhh), and hanging out with their guy friends. Dad likes those things, too! So in honor of Pops, try a little harder to think of Dad as a cool dude (gross, I know), and we think you'll find shopping for Father's Day to be a lot more fun. Here are of the best gift ideas for dad that will make him a happy man. (If you're looking for last-minute Father's Day gifts, we've got those too.)