Mark My Words: Taylor Swift's Heeled Loafers Will Kick Off 2024 as the Top Shoe Trend

She's been wearing heeled loafers nonstop since 2014—and they're poised for a resurgence.

taylor swift heeled loafer
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Retired Tumblr girls, rejoice. The closer we get to ring in the new year, the more likely a 2010s fashion revival feels. Throughout fall, we’ve noticed Jennifer Lawrence take a liking to the era’s business-casual core and mustache-loving hipster style, reviving the once cringe-y aesthetic into something cool. The latest trend from the era to get a much-needed modern makeover is Indie Sleaze, the edgier older sister to the 2010s hipster, who loves underground artists no one’s heard of (all along, it was just the Arctic Monkeys.) Tumblr-ites, you have Taylor Swift to thank for reviving the trend, all thanks to this one particular style choice she wore while out in New York this week: Swift wore heeled loafers, the go-to shoes that ruled the 2014 Tumblr scene. 

If there’s anyone who loves to celebrate an era, it’s Swift. Back in 2014, 1989 had just been released, and she was pairing her heeled loafers with American Apparel skirts and 1975 band tanks. Now, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is here, and she’s styling the shoes with her best friend’s clothing line for a night out. Oh, how time flies!

While out in New York, Swift dressed in a monochromatic black outfit when heading to Electic Lady Studios (hello, new music!) She bundled up in a trendy shearling bomber jacket from best friend Gigi Hadid’s brand, Guest in Residence (which is currently sold out.) Bomber jackets and shearling styles like Gigi's Grizzy style have been covetable to have this winter, and we know Swift doesn’t shy away from trying popular styles (she even dared the no-pants trend.)

The 34-year-old styled the jacket with a leg-baring black mini-skirt and tights. Of course, the centerpiece of her look was her Christin Louboutin lug-soled loafer pumps, an edgy departure from her once beloved twee-inspired heeled oxfords. For accessories, she carried a black shoulder bag. The look was simple but called back to the singer’s 1989 Tumblr girl roots. Simply, the heeled loafers will never go out of style.

Taylor Swift heeled loafer

(Image credit: Backgrid)

We’re only a few days away from marking a decade since 2014. How could we forget the era of Victoria’s Secret angels, Coachella flower crowns, and incredibly pensive indie music? At its height, the Tumblr era ushered in the same annoyingly popular style of aesthetics (instead of ballet-core, there was twee), but one of its most beloved is Indie Sleaze. The style perfectly captures the yearning for edginess within the hipster movement of the time.

Swift’s authenticity in sticking to her go-to styles—no matter what the current trends may be—like the heeled loafer is why her style always feels authentic to her. If the shoes sparked some inspiration, or maybe nostalgia, we’ve included a few to shop below. You can even shop a pair that she's been spotted in previously from Reformation.

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