Jennifer Lawrence Revives 2010s Hipster Style in a Chunky Beanie and Square Shades

"The Hunger Games" are back, statement necklaces are in, ballet flats are trending—the 2010s are back, baby!

Jennifer Lawrence in a hipster 2010s fashion outfit of a beanie, square glasses, scarf, and coat
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Lately, in fashion, the phrase “What goes around, comes back around” has felt more applicable than ever. 2000s fashion has taken over the trend cycle in the past few years—we’ve witnessed the resurgence of items we never thought would make it out of the archive (looking at you, low-rise jeans.) Now, it’s clear a second wave of nostalgia is coming: The Hunger Games are back, statement necklaces are in, and ballet flats are trending—2010s fashion is back, baby! The latest celebrity to dig up fashion’s past is Jennifer Lawrence, who made a case for reviving the 2010s hipster aesthetic while wearing a beanie and oversized square glasses in New York.

At first glance, the award-winning actress’ outfit looks nothing out of the ordinary. She opted for a black wool coat with black trousers and added the perpetually trending sneakers, Adidas Sambas. Instead of a sweater peeking out of her coat, we noticed her checkered scarf and other hipster-esque accessories like oversized square glasses from Stella McCartney and her chunky knit black beanie. The look brought us back to reminiscence on the hipster coffee shop scene that ruled the 2010s. 

Jennifer Lawrence's Hipster Look

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So, could the fashion of the 2010s make a comeback? We’d argue it already is. With ballet flats, colored tights, and animal print currently dominating fall 2023's fashion trends, it certainly looks like the decade is the next one to make a comeback. And it makes sense. Often, fashion works in extremes. The latest push towards quiet luxury, minimalism, and neutrals, will get outlasted by its opposite: Bold prints, peplum tops, and funky accessories of the 2010s are already rivaling minimalist styles. On the Spring Summer 2024 runways, the Miu Miu show looked like a Hollister ad campaign, Valentino displayed Coachella-inspired crochet dresses, and at Chanel, there were plenty of statement necklaces and square glasses. 

Lawrence may not have intended to revive the era with her accessories, but her fall outfit beckons the conversation surrounding what trends will be present in the New Year and beyond. Earlier in the fall, we noticed the Oscar-winning actress displaying another popular 2010s trend: Business-casual core, which is also considerably back in style. Even if the era’s style doesn’t stick, if anything, Lawrence’s look tells us to wear what we want, regardless of what’s considered “cool.”

However, if you’re itching to return to your hipster roots, you’ll want to add a beanie, scarf, and square glasses to your cart ASAP. We’ve added some below to shop, along with other inspired pieces from her ensemble. Shop Jennifer Lawrence’s hipster-inspired look, below.

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