Elettra Wiedemann's 'Impatient Foodie' Is Our New Favorite Food Blog

Buon appetito!

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Be it model Elettra Wiedermann, her mother Isabella Rossellini, or grandmother Ingrid Bergman, we want to wine and dine like a Rossellini.

As luck would have it, Wiedermann has made our wish come true with her new blog Impatient Foodie. The diary-style endeavor will take us on the 30-year-old's journey as a foodie, from growing her own garden to trying her hand at family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Her recipes are healthy, locally-sourced, seasonal, and let's face it, totally pin-worthy. But what attracts us most to following Wiedermann's approach to culinary fare is the relatability factor.

"My Impatient Foodie blog is built on a struggle within myself: When it comes to food I want to be good (I really do!), but sometimes it feels like being good is a total pain in my ass and a major time drain," she writes on her site. Amen to that, sister!

Wiedermann recently posted her mother's signature Rossellini spaghetti — a dish made up of fresh spaghetti, olive oil, lemon zest, and parmiggiano — and we're already headed straight to the pasta aisle at our local market.

Feast your eyes on some of her most Instagram-worthy recipes, below, and check out her blog here. Buon appetito!

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