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The 25 Best Food Gifts for Home Chefs and Foodies Alike

Trust us: They'll eat these up.

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Morgan McMullen

We all have that friend—the one who collects dutch ovens, kitchen tools, and glassware no matter how much they already have in their cabinets and on their bar carts; they love hosting their friends no matter how small their apartment is; and they spend much of their hard-earned cash hitting up new restaurants (right now, strictly outdoor dining and to-go). They sprinted to the supermarket to snatch up as many lentils and beans they could possibly carry before the second wave and they bake...constantly. Oh, and the condiments! They never stop buying condiments. In my group, I just happen to be that friend. But if you, reader, are not, you might need to buy a sweet and suitable gift for that friend. So, I'm here with some suggestions to make sure your present satisfies all of their foodie needs.

If you're stuck on ideas, there are plenty of options for your hungry host-with-the-most. This year has birthed dozens of incredible cookbooks with cuisines from all over the world. Kitchen tools have gotten increasingly more advanced—and a hell of a lot cuter. There are countless kitchen towels, spice racks, and measuring cups to spruce up the dull corners of someone's kitchen. Hey, there's even fine jewelry shaped like dessert to satisfy a stylish friend's sweet tooth. Ahead, the best food gifts to help your friend cook, eat, and enjoy this holiday season.

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For the Cheese Nerd
Curdbox Subscription Box

Finally, a subscription box for the friend that hangs out by the cheese plate all night. Each one comes with three cheeses, info about their origins, and snacks to go with them.

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For the Hostess
Hosting Planner

This adorable notebook records guests, recipes, and even seating charts for that friend who loves to feed a crowd. 

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For the Italophile
Cannoli Charm

If your giftee is in the middle of their third rewatch of The Sopranos, this teeny weeny cannoli will hit the spot. 

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Cherry Kitchen Towel
Marianna Fierro

This stone-fruit patterned towel could brighten up even the simplest kitchen. 

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For a Dinner Party
Ceramic Stoneware Mini Cocotte Set

Baked eggs, panna cotta, chocolate mousse...these 'lil baby vessels make anything you serve in them look restaurant-grade. 

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Hot Sauce Variety Pack

You've probably seen these sauces floating around Instagram, and you know what? We get the hype. All three flavors are distinct, but they share a delicious sweet heat that will amp up any breakfast sandwich. 

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Spice Rack
Martha Stewart Collection

If your bestie does that thing where they shove every spice they use while cooking back into the cabinet in a rush, this organizational spice rack might be their saving grace.

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The Pair

Salt and pepper. Brie and honey. Ina and Jeffrey. Some pairings just make sense, like this aesthetically-pleasing olive oil and balsamic vinegar set. 

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Spicy Chili Crisp
Lao Gan Ma

Everyone's favorite chefs drizzle this magical topping all over everything, and we co-sign that decision.  

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Irish Coffee Kit
Dead Rabbit NYC

For your friend who A) is perpetually in need of another cup of coffee and B) believes happy hour is every hour. This downtown NYC establishment was voted Best Bar in the World in 2015, and the at-home version of their famous caffeinated cocktail comes pretty damn close to the real thing. 

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Cordless Hand Blender

It's soup season, and the thought of pulsing multiple batches of soup in a blender just sounds like too much work. Behold: the immersion blender, which saves a ton of time and effort when pureeing stews and sauces. 

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For the Traveler
Adopt An Olive Tree Gift Box
Especially Puglia

We can't fly to Italy at the moment, but a little taste of Puglia is more accessible than you think. This gorgeous box contains high-end olive oil from a grove in the Southern Italian town and a ceramic carafe to keep on your countertop. 

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The Care Kit Tea Sampler
David's Tea

Despite staying as safe as possible this winter, colds can still happen. The loose leaf teas in this sampler can ease the pain of those seasonal symptoms. 

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For the Puzzle Enthusiast
Little Food Puzzles

I mean...come on, how cute? 

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For Photo Lovers
Slate Cheese Board
Brooklyn Slate Co.

If your friend always lets the phone eat first, this photo-friendly slate cheese board will start popping up all over their feed in no time.

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For a Taste of African Cuisine
'In Bibi's Kitchen' By Hawa Hassan

Hawa Hassan's new book is one of the best—and most beautiful—of the year, showcasing the elegant and vibrant flavors of Africa. 

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For the Pros
Culinary Blow Torch

Imagine the toasty, crispy tops your dessert-loving giftee could torch on any crème brûlée. 

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For the Coffee Lover
Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker

This little baby has a cult following, and for good reason. The small-but-mighty stovetop maker makes perfect espresso in under five minutes. 

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For the Minimalist
Lotta Smoke Handle Coffee/Tea Cup
Hudson Wilder

These chic, handblown glasses are versatile enough to serve almost any beverage in. Screw it, make them wine glasses. This year has been real. 

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For Noodle Lovers
'Coconut & Sambal' By Lara Lee

Sure, the cover is pretty enough to display right next to your coffee maker, but we're here for the tasty, authentic Indonesian flavors and an entire chapter on sambals.  

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For the Ina Garten Fan
'Modern Comfort Food' By Ina Garten

Our queen has dropped yet another banger, and this one is focused on cozy, soothing foods—ideal for a celebratory meal to end this terrible year.  

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The Dutchess
Great Jones

Whether it's used during a socially-distant new years or a quiet birthday dinner, this roomy dutch oven is perfect for roasting, braising, and simmering away.

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For the Salt Snob
Flaky Pyramid-Shaped Crystals

Salt snobs, rejoice. If you know someone who tops everything with this cult-brand of flaky, briny goodness, it'll take forever to run through this giant bucket.

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For the Baker
'Dessert Person' By Claire Saffitz

If you're one of those people who rushed out for yeast and flour during the first wave and had no idea what to do with them, here's one giant book of answers. Whether your giftee is a pro or a newbie, they'll be excited to get out their stand mixer. 

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Cooking Measuring Cups Set
Rachael Ray

We're into measuring cups that don't look like measuring cups. This well-reviewed set won't look ugly on an otherwise pristine countertop.  

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