This Celebrity-Only Food App Just Became Available to the Public

Where you can see how Gigi's cleanse is going and what ravioli Bella's eaten.

Never mind that semi-consciously watching videos of pommes soufflées before bed might be making you more of a basket case about food. (It's fun! It's relaxing! Send help.) Now there's a new app to nudge you ever closer to the precipice's edge, thanks to a gaggle of celebrity beta-testers, built-in restaurant recommendations, and more photos of composed salads and femur-length cheese pulls than you could shake a breadstick at. We repeat: It's fun!

Unlike a cleanse!

Counting Kendall Jenner and Bella and Gigi Hadid as early users, "food-centric social discovery app" Wine n Dine officially launched Wednesday to the sound of spittle landing on phone screens everywhere. But it's more than just pics of poached lobster tails and jambon-beurre—it's image-based Yelp minus the strangers and hatred, plus voyeurism in the form of Carmelo Anthony's caviar-tin stack and Devon Windsor's seemingly bread-and-meat-exclusive diet. (I don't get it either.)


With save and search functions—*and* push notifications that remind you of what to order at a particular establishment—Wine n Dine eliminates the need for screenshots, or worse, opening your Notes app. But is it feeding into (har har) a simultaneously food-obsessed and food-fearful culture? Maybe the better question is "If it feels this good, could it *really* be so wrong?"

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