Joe Biden's Town Hall Felt Very...Normal

"My blood pressure is so nice and low watching Joe Biden on his ABC town hall. What a gift."

On October 15, instead of the second presidential debate, we, the American people, got two town halls from the presidential candidates. This was in part to keep up with COVID-19 safety regulations; after President Trump tested positive for the virus, the Commission of Presidential Debates moved the in-person event online. The idea of going virtual received a big fat no from Trump, and the second presidential debate was canceled.

Which leaves us here with two town halls, held on different networks, at the same time. One with former Vice President Joe Biden, which aired on ABC, and one with Trump, which aired on NBC. So, not exactly ideal if you're an undecided voter looking at your blank mail-in ballot in a panic.

If you're here, that might mean you watched Biden answer questions from George Stephanopoulos and voters in Philadelphia, where the town hall was held. It also could mean you, like me, frantically flipped between both channels trying to catch any sort of information you could and were left with high anxiety levels in the process. Ah, sweet 2020!

So, if you're the first option, then your Twitter feed was a friendly reminder that you made the right choice in your evening. And if you need another sign, I present you a collection of tweets letting you know you're not alone:


vote by mail

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