Anthony Weiner: Hints at Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Bid

In an interview with BuzzFeed yesterday, the scandalized NYC mayoral hopeful accidentally revealed some important intel. Oops!

Anthony Weiner's interview with Ben Smith of BuzzFeed yesterday covered more than the NYC mayoral hopeful's most recent "sexting" scandal. In the nearly 40-minute interview, Weiner (not only) fielded questions regarding his own campaign and his time spent in therapy, but he also shed light on a major unknown in (The) Democratic Party's plans for 2016: Hillary Clinton. During one point, Weiner discussed how his scandals had hurt his wife Huma Abedin's career. Abedin, a longtime friend and aide to Clinton, had been "professionally" and "personally" hurt by Weiner, which he divulged may in turn affect Clinton's 2016 campaign.

Smith asked Weiner if he knew what role Abedin will play in Clinton's 2016 campaign, to which Weiner replied "I do," suggesting a presidential run is, in fact, in the works! Weiner remained coy with details, though, when Smith pressed for more information regarding Abedin's specific role, responding with, "I'm not telling you."

According to CNN, both Hillary and Bill Clinton were "livid" upon learning of Weiner's most recent scandal in July, largely due to their "personal relationship with Abedin."

If this is true, you know who we're voting for in 2016!

Photo: Courtesy of New York Daily News