Katy Perry and This Adorable, Tiny Puppy Want You to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Because loving adorable puppies is a bipartisan issue.

Katy Perry has been stumping for Hillary Clinton for months. She's been #WithHer since day one and she's asked everyone who will listen/follow her on social media to do the same.

But if you won't listen to Katy Perry, perhaps you could be swayed by an adorable, tiny dog, who is also a Clinton supporter. In her latest video for the Clinton campaign, KP enlisted the help of a tiny, sleepy puppy (named Nugget, because that name is the only thing that could make it cuter) who would also very much like for Hillary Clinton to be our next president.

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"My name is 🐶 Nugget 🐶 and I approve this message. GO ✔OTE❗Find out where: http://hillaryclinton.com/locate," Katy captioned the video.

And who would want to go against the puppy vote, really?

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