ICYMI, There's a Snapchat Filter Turning People into Glorious, Shimmying Hillary Clintons

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, HRC. 🎶


If you're #WithHer you can basically #BeHer, at least on Snapchat. A Hillary Clinton-themed Snapchat filter was released just ahead of Election Day and it transforms users into HRC, complete with her signature hairstyle and a red, white, or blue pantsuit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filter is not a political endorsement on Snapchat's part; it was actually paid for by pro-Hillary Clinton Super Pac, Priorities USA. So we have them to think for the accompanying, "shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, HRC" song that plays when you make a video (yes, shimmying is encouraged) with the filter being stuck in our heads for all eternity.

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A lot of people used the app for still pictures to spread the word about supporting Hillary.

But a favorite thing to do with the app was to turn little kids into HRC, and it was as cute as you'd imagine.

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