Hillary Clinton is a Weird Planet on The New York Times Magazine Cover

It's Hillary's world, we're just living in it.

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(Image credit: New York Times Magazine)

We all know that Hillary Clinton has some sort of magical "gravitational pull," in the political sphere but wow did The New York Times take Hillary's influence to a literal level: they made her into a planet.

In order to show the great scope of Clinton's influence, The New York Times took inspiration from several face-fused-nature photographs like the man on the moon image from "Le Voyage Dans la Lune" and Donald Trump's face as a golf course with literal bush eyebrows. The editors wanted to morph the faces of Hillary's inner circle into celestial bodies, but "felt it might be overkill." Instead, they came up with interpretations of language such as "The Chelsea Quasar" and "Huma's Dark Matter," to illustrate their point.

We have to admit, although Hillary looks unbelievably strange (evensans scrunchie), this bizarre cover definitely beats the obnoxious sexist cover that TIME recently published.

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