This Duvet Cover for Couples Is Actually Genius

When you want to sleep together, but can't agree on anything else about the situation.

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I remember on a really old episode of MTV Cribs, someone (I want to say maybe it was Shanna Moakler, now-ex-wife of Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker?) said that the key to marital bliss was two separate bathrooms. I may not remember who said that, but the sentiment has stuck with me. There’s a need, sometimes, in cohabiting coupledom, to combine every aspect of your living conditions, as if to prove that you’re really in it. But I reject this premise! In fact, I don’t even think you need to share an apartment to have an amazing relationship, and that compatible cohabitation isn’t necessary for lasting love. Sometimes people have different needs!

Hence why I think the concept of ervét, which is currently fundraising on Kickstarter, is genius: The "two-duvet bedding system," created by a real-life married couple, is perfect for pairs that want to sleep together but cannot agree on anything else about the experience. Basically, it’s two duvet covers with two different inserts that can be thicker and fluffier or sleeker and cooler as is you or your partner’s wont. The two sides attach magnetically so the blankets can look like one, until it comes time to cocoon yourself individually...and then they can pop apart to become two.

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This just so fully encapsulates my philosophy about living with a partner. No more fighting because it’s too warm or too cool, no more tug-of-war for the bedspread (as a blanket thief myself, I am sure my partner would welcome this innovation), and a little bit more ease in cohabitation. It’s individuality in togetherness and I love it.

At the time of publication, the ervét Kickstarter had already raised $31,000 with 52 days to go. For a $99 pledge, you get the entire ervét system: Two duvets, a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, plus two tote bags. Check it out here.

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Cady Drell

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