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60 Movies Where the Actors Have Actual Sex

These actors aren't faking anything.

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Here's the thing. People have sex. Movies have sex scenes. Wouldn't it be intriguing if a movie featured two actors having actual, consensual sex, instead of just mimicking sex in a way that looks great onscreen but is almost certainly very, very awkward in real life? Yes, obviously, we're aware that porn exists, but we are not talking about porn here. No, we're talking about actual, mainstream (or, at very least, as the level of "mainstream" achieved by arthouse foreign films and indies) movies with actual plots that also happen to feature actual humans engaging in actual sex acts. Don't roll your eyes—these movies exist. And, not only do they exist, but there are, honestly, way more of them out there than you probably realize—and we're just highlighting 50 of our favorites.

You read that correctly: This list contains 50 movies that have answered your prayers and made all of your sex-obsessed dreams come true. They all feature plenty of sex, and, unlike most of the sex you see onscreen, the moments of hotness in these movies is all completely, totally, and one hundred percent real. It's intense and kind of hot to see people have sex in a movie and know it's actually real, and that's what you'll get with these movies. As you might expect, a lot of these movies are indies and foreign films—realms where pushing the envelope, especially in the realm of carnal pleasures, is more accepted. But, some of them feature fully mainstream stars and Oscar winners like Al Pacino, Mark Rylance, and even Dame Helen Mirren.

needle boy
Alexander Bak Sagmo
1 of 60
'Needle Boy'

This 2016 Danish film by Alexander Bak Sagmo features non-simulated sex acts. The movie itself is dark—about a 23-year-old man, who, convinced he's evil, shows up at his university with a gun and a plan to shoot his fellow students.


immoral women
Argos Films
2 of 60
'Immoral Women'

This movie, by director Walerian Borowczyk, actually includes three stories— titled Margherita, Marceline, and Marie, respectively. The first, Margherita, includes an unsimulated intercourse scene.


sister emanuelle
Severin Films
3 of 60
'Sister Emanuelle'

The Danish DVD version of this 1977 film by Giuseppe Vari includes hardcore sex scenes.


the alcove
4 of 60
'The Alcove'

While the characters do watch some hardcore sex on a vintage film reel at one point, 1985's The Alcove is mostly a softcore film. Still, the Joe D'Amato-helmed movie contains some unsimulated scenes.


luz del fuego
5 of 60
'Luz del Fuego'

This 1982 Brazilian film from director David Neves tells the story of controversial Brazilian vedette Luz del Fuego—and includes a scene with the main actress rubbing up against an actual penis.


the wrong ferarri
Adam Green
6 of 60
'The Wrong Ferarri'

This 2011 experimental film by musician Adam Green features a costarring performance by Macaulay Culkin and, maybe even more notably, an unsimulated scene of Green being anally penetrated by a dildo.


stupid boy
Picture This!
7 of 60
'Stupid Boy'

Also known as Garçon stupide, this 2004 French film by Lionel Baier contains "strong" real sex.

This movie is not readily available to stream online.

bare behind bars
Galante Filmes
8 of 60
'Bare Behind Bares'

This is a sexploitation film, so it's not shocking that there's some real sex involved. The 1980 film (which was released in Brazil as A Prisão), is set in a women's prison and includes a handful of hardcore scenes.


la noche 2016
Edgardo Castro
9 of 60
'La Noche'

This 2016 Spanish film by Edgardo Castro has a hyper-realistic aesthetic and lengthy scenes of unsimulated sex acts. The story focuses on Martin, a lonely man in this 40s looking for connection through sex.


angry painter
Kyu-hwan Jeon
10 of 60
'Angry Painter'

In this Korean film by Kyu-hwan Jeon, released in 2015, this list of "x-rated" content includes unsimulated intercourse scenes between actor Moon Jong-won and Russian actress Natallia Bulynia.

This movie is not readily available to stream online.

black emanuelle
Fida Cinematografica
11 of 60
'Black Emanuelle'

This 1975 film spawned a long series of sequels, all focused on the gorgeous leading lady, who only goes by Emanuelle as a pseudonym. IRL, she's a journalist and photographer named Mae Jordan. In the first film in the series, "Emanuelle" takes an assignment working with a diplomatic couple and ends up embarking on sexual relationships with both of them. While the movie does feature hardcore scenes, they were filmed by body doubles.


love machine
12 of 60
'Love Machine'

This Russian lyric porn film is based on the director's real relationship with his ex and there's at least one scene of oral sex that's as real as the movie's inspo.


Paul Verhoeven
13 of 60

How's this for a premise: Three dirt-bike racing guys all end up seduced by the sexy, sexy French fry-selling hottie who works their races. So much (largely unsimulated) sex ensues. Intrigued? Then this 1980 Dutch sex romp is right up your alley.


ken park
Vitagraph Films
14 of 60
'Ken Park'

This 2002 movie follows the lives of a group of teenagers in California. It was written by Harmony Korine (yes, of Spring Breakers fame) and was based on the real journals and memories of the film's director, Larry Clark. The unflinching look at teen life includes a mix of simulated and unsimulated sex scenes.


kissing on the mouth
15 of 60
'Kissing on the Mouth'

This 2005 movie is credited with being one of pioneers of the Mumblecore movement and features graphic depictions of sex, including a very graphic and very real scene of masturbation that leads to equally real ejaculation.


léa 2011
Bruno Rolland
16 of 60

This 2011 French drama features a lot of sexy (or at least sex-filled) scenes, including one completely unsimulated act of cunnilingus.


play motel
Mario Gariazzo
17 of 60
'Play Motel'

This Italian film is part wacky murder mystery, part hardcore sex film. Yep.


the girl from starship venus
Derek Ford
18 of 60
'The Girl from Starship Venus'

Everything you need to know about this movie is in its original title: The Sexplorer. It probably goes without saying that this one's a comedy.


secret rites
Derek Ford
19 of 60
'Secret Rites'

Described as a "pseudo-documentary," this early-70s movie dives deep into the occult, witchcraft, and black magic. And, just to give you an idea of how sexy things get within those topics, the movie was also released in a hardcore version, for the full XXX-factor.


cry uncle
Troma Entertainment
20 of 60
'Cry Uncle!'

This 1971 raunchy comedy follows a decidedly slovenly private eye who takes a job investigating a murder for a millionaire client. It's probably most famous, however, for the scene of unsimulated oral sex it features.


gift 1966
ASA Film
21 of 60

This 1966 Danish movie is known by several names—in addition to Gift, it's known as Poison (in Danish) and, in the United States, it was released as Venom. This was one of the first Danish movies to feature unsimulated sex, so it's a trailblazer in the real-sex-in-mainstream-movies genre, but tracking down a copy isn't easy. It's not available to stream on any of the big platforms, but sketchier streams are out there on the great wide web, if you dare.

wetlands movie
Strand Releasing
22 of 60

Based on the 2008 novel of the same name, Wetlands (known in German as Feuchtgebiete) is your classic, brutally honest coming-of-age movie. The movie deals with a lot of big themes, like feminism and sexuality, but its 18-year-old protagonist is also the kind of girl who masturbates with vegetables and ends up in the hospital after an anal hair shaving experiment gone awry, so there's that.


much loved movie
Pyramide Distribution
23 of 60
'Much Loved'

Much Loved (also known as Zin Li Fik) is known for more than its unsimulated sex scenes. The 2015 French-Moroccan drama was one of the first movies to ever address the issue of prostitution in Morocco (where the movie is banned, FYI, over objections to its content).

The movie focuses on the stories of four female sex workers, and addresses serious issues like the exploitation of prostitutes, the way sex workers are treated by pimps, and police corruption.


stranger by the lake movie
Les films du losange
24 of 60
'Stranger by the Lake'

Stranger by the Lake (or, as it's known in French, L'Inconnu du lac) is a bona fide critical darling. The 2013 French drama-thriller premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where its director, Alain Guiraudie, won Best Director. As if that weren't critical cred enough, the movie also won the Queer Palm award and earned a place on several top ten lists in 2014.

The movie focuses on Franck, a regular at a nude beach known as a cruising spot for gay men, who becomes infatuated with the handsome Michel—even after he witnesses Michel murdering another man in the lake.


sexual chronicles of a french family
IFC Midnight
25 of 60
'Sexual Chronicles of a French Family'

Sexual Chronicles of a French Family is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The 2012 French comedy-drama film centers on a family who gather to open up about their sexual experiences when the youngest son in the family is caught filming himself masturbating in class. There are two versions of the movie: the Sensual version (which is softcore) and the Sexual version (yep, hardcore).


we are the flesh movie
Arrow Films
26 of 60
'We Are the Flesh'

We Are the Flesh, aka by its Spanish title, Somos la Carne, is a 2016 Mexican-French horror film that focuses on two siblings forced to take extraordinary measures (of the Cersei and Jaime Lannister-esque variety) to survive in a scary AF, post-apocalyptic world.


pasolini movie
Capricci Films
27 of 60

In 2014's Pasolini, Willem Dafoe portrays Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. The movie focuses on the final days of the director's life and his relationship with a boy from the suburbs of Rome, named Pino Pelosi, who, along with some of his friends eventually attacks and kills Pasolini.


blue is the warmest colour
Wild Bunch
28 of 60
'Blue Is the Warmest Colour'

The love scenes in Blue Is the Warmest Colour, which opens on an extended, 10-minute sex scene, are undeniably captivating. That's fitting, considering how impossible it is not to get sucked in to the relationship the film depicts between Adèle and Emma.


i want your love
29 of 60
'I Want Your Love'

I Want Your Love is the title of both a 2010 short film and a 2012 full-length film, both written and directed by Travis Matthews. Both movies focus on Jesse Metzger, a gay man who has to leave San Francisco and move back to his hometown because of financial struggles. In both versions of the story, the actors use their own names and incorporate elements of their real lives into the plot. The movies are also known for their graphic depictions of sex—which isn't shocking when you know that they were both produced, in part, by NakedSword, a studio that produces gay porn.


paradise faith
Ulrich Seidl Film
30 of 60
'Paradise: Faith'

Paradise: Faith is the second movie in Austrian director Ulrich Seidl's Paradise trilogy. The movie focuses on Anna Maria, a devout Catholic woman, who is thrown into conflict when her estranged Muslim husband, who is partially-paralyzed returns home and demands her love. The movie made waves for including unsimulated scenes of masturbation and fellatio.


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