Danielle McNally

Investigative reports, thoughtful personal essays, and in-depth dissections of social trends—I edit ‘em (and sometimes write them). Before joining MarieClaire.com, I held positions at Cosmopolitan, Details, Shape, and Food Network Magazine.

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I'm a Woman with Facial Hair—and I'm Proud of It

A handful of bold women are embracing what millions of others have struggled to keep secret.

The Emmys Went In on Donald Trump

"Imagine if your president was not beloved by Nazis."

These Women Are the Last Thing Standing Between You and Nuclear War
As tensions rise between the United States and North Korea, an elite squad of Air Force officers wait for the call the world hopes neve…
An Exclusive Look at Chelsea Clinton's New Book 'She Persisted'

In honor of women like her (and her mom) everywhere.

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Trump Tweeted Obama Had His Wires Tapped, Didn't Mean It Literally

He meant "wires tapped," you know, with scare quotes.

The Domestic Violence Victim Detained by ICE Is Now Being Refused Hormone Therapy

She was arrested while seeking protection from her abuser and says she is suffering in jail.

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