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Senior Web Editor

I'm Sam, the senior editor at I love shining a light on awesome people doing things that matter, cool products and hacks for everyday life, and advice you'll actually use. I'm pretty much always looking for the perfect GIF for any situation. When I'm not trolling the internet, I can be found dancing like a weirdo or napping like it's my job. Right now, I'm probably eating or drinking something filled with sugar or booze. (Sorry, mom.)

The 14 Best Gadget Gifts for Stylish Techies

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Everyone Wants to Give Chrissy Teigen Their Old Bananas

The social media queen asked for them on Twitter with a *very* enticing bribe.

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Elevate Your Porn: The 14 Best Sex Podcasts

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20 Boozy 4th of July Drink Recipes

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