Instagram's Best Halloween Makeup Inspo

Double tap x 1,000,000.

Just a quick scroll through your feed and it's obvious: Instagram has become an all-important source for beauty inspo. And in the weeks leading up to Halloween, it's a whole different ball game with elaborate, out-of-the-box makeup ideas that are amazingly creative. Whether it's super spooky, crazy beautiful, or a political statement in and of itself, we're mesmerized. To kick your costume game up a few notches, check out the looks we couldn't help but double tap.

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1 Pop Art Marilyn

Forget her looks from The Seven Year Itch or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, if you're going to be Marilyn Monroe take a graphic, pop art approach—just don't forget the red lips.

Makeup by @kris.giff

2 Harley Quinn

For a less clownish approach to Harley Quinn, we're loving Jamie Genevieve's smoky eyes and on-trend gradient lip approach.

Makeup by @jamiegenevieve

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3 Unattainable Woman

A tribute to Amber Rose's #unattainablewoman initiative, you can make a political statement by wearing the misogynist labels that are all too often thrust upon women in society.

Makeup by @jordanhanz

4 Koan from Sailor Moon

Take on the youngest Ayakashi sister with a crescent moon, magenta on the waterlines, and a dark plum pout.

Makeup by @michellephan

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5 Contouring

If you, too, are wondering if we've reached peak contour, this is one way to *silently* comment on the matter.

Makeup by @alexandrametalclown

6 #LoveisLove

There's no Halloween like the present to celebrate that #LoveisLove.

Makeup by @valencia0612

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7 Lunar Eclipse

If you're inspired by recent lunar activity, try this eclipsing look: a cat eye, black lips, and stages of the moon across etched across the décolletage.

Makeup by @michellephan

8 Oil-Slick Rainbow

This look may require a sand art hair dye job to match, but what could be cooler than a neon-bright, oil-slicked rainbow face?

Makeup by @sarahmcgbeauty

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9 American Horror Story Hotel Mattress Lady

If you're a freak for American Horror Story Hotel, try your hand at becoming the scary mattress lady with a key.

Makeup by @creativeboss

10 Snapchat Rainbow Vomit

Taste the rainbow à la Snapchat.

Makeup by @gettingpretty

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