6 Last-Minute Summer Getaways

Haven't been to a beach or pool yet this season? Is the only sun you've seen lately through your office window? Then it's seriously time for a vacation. Here are six spots around the country with the perfect 48-hour trip equation: short travel time to your destination minus a car once you get there — plus, everything you need for your visit packed into one small bag. And you won't even have to submit your time-off card or break the bank.


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    Nantucket, Massachusetts

    GET THERE: The preppy coastal playground is about 80 miles southeast of Boston.
    STAY: 76 Main is a just-opened 20-room hotel in the heart of town. Vineyard Vines even designed a suite—the pillowcases are made from board shorts, and the window-shade edgings are crafted from belts. (From $309; 76main.com)
    CHEAP THRILL: The beach! The hotel has beach bags and chairs you can borrow for your excursion to the shore, which is about a five-minute walk away.

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