Dress Code: Jessica Paré

Get psyched for Mad Men's return this month with a glimpse inside the stylish life of Jessica Paré (aka Mrs. Don Draper).

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    Dress Code

    WHO: Jessica Paré AGE: 32

    WHAT: Actress, Mad Men [season six premieres April 7]

    MY STYLE: "I like the juxtaposition of soft and hard, feminine and masculine. I tend to collect a few great pieces per season that flatter my figure and maintain a strong consistency with what's in my closet."

    MY GO-TO ACCESSORIES: "Cat-eye Bulgari sunglasses and a kick-ass medicine-bag necklace I got from my friend Kira at VK Lillie in New York."

    EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: "If working with [Mad Men costume designer] Janie Bryant has taught me anything, it's that foundation garments can make or break an outfit. I gravitate toward Chantelle and La Perla for their functionality and aesthetic appeal. A good bra is definitely worth the investment."

    Paré in a Gucci dress, Lauren Wolf Jewelry earrings, and a Cartier ring. 

    Meredith Jenks
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