Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Taylor, Two Women Who’ll Never Apologize for Their Success

There are many comparisons that can be drawn between Kim Kardashian and the late Elizabeth Taylor. Don't misunderstand us, it's not because they both have Academy Award statues adorning their mantles — Disaster Movie (2008) is no BUtterfield 8 (1960), after all. It's that they're two women who enjoy life's spoils — romance, fashion, beauty, and bling — and don't apologize for it.


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    The Fashion

    During her heyday, Taylor helped make fur synonymous with Hollywood glamour. These days, Kardashian gets flak for dressing in fur, but that doesn't stop her from sporting a wealth of sumptuous skins.

    Here, Kardashian hit Kanye West's fashion show in Paris wearing a fox fur shawl, while Taylor poses for a portrait wrapped in an ivory number in 1955.

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