Lauren Conrad Takes on the Rose Bowl Flea Market in L.A.

Lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad has quite the busy schedule. If she's not writing her bestselling Fame Game series — check it out, here! — she's constantly adding the latest taste-making tips to Marie Claire caught up with the star at the Rose Bowl Flea Market where she gave us an exclusive tour of the treasure-filled tables. Be sure to read our tell-all July interview with Lauren, too!

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    Shopping Spree

    Conrad found this set of tumblers and immediately bought them for around $40. A trio of Italian women attempted to scoop them up, instead, but Conrad intervened in the most polite lilt in her voice. She also gets inventive with her bar accessories: Those egg cups that folks used to eat soft-boiled eggs out of, like in Tracy-Hepburn movies? At Chez Conrad, those are used as shot glasses.
    Ned Martel
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