These States Are Buying the Most Coffee, Fast Food, and Alcohol

Some call them "vices," we call them necessities.

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Mainers love their caffeine, Oklahoma residents frequent fast food joints, and the people of Massachusetts are probably down for a good happy hour.

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Financial service company Level Money released a national report revealing how millennials spend money on their guilty pleasures (although we don't feel too guilty about them). The findings reveal which states have 18 to 35 year olds purchasing the most coffee, fast food, and alcohol.

Millennials make up a demographic of nearly 75 million people, which represents a pretty strong purchasing power, so maybe this will mean more coffee shops will pop up and alcohol will become cheaper (we can dream).

Here are the key findings:

States with the most coffee shop spending:

1. Maine

2. Massachusetts

3. New Hampshire

4. Connecticut

5. Washington

States with the least coffee shop spending:

46. Utah

47. Wyoming

48. West Virginia

49. North Dakota

50. Mississippi

States with the most fast food spending:

1. Oklahoma

2. Kansas

3. Texas

4. Virginia

5. Maryland

States with the least fast food spending:

46. Montana

47. Pennsylvania

48. New York

49. Connecticut

50. Vermont

States with the most bar and liquor store spending:

1. Massachusetts

2. Colorado

3. New York

4. Wyoming

5. Illinois

States with the least bar and liquor store spending:

46. West Virginia

47. Iowa

48. South Dakota

49. Alabama

50. Mississippi


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