13 Scary-Good Cocktails (AKA Halloween Candy for Adults)

No tricks, just treats.

Halloween. A time of terrible costumes, nostalgia-inducing TV movies, and kids knocking at your door asking for candy (the amount of which, let's be real, has considerably diminished since time of purchase). Make your holiday a little brighter with these delicious boozy drinks and say cheers to being an adult (or something like one).

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1 Blood Orange Blossom

Bitter but slightly sweet, this cocktail is exactly the drink you'd want on Hallow's Eve.


1 oz. Nolet's Silver Dry Gin

0.75 oz. fresh lemon juice

0.5 oz. simple syrup

0.5 oz. Aperol

1 blood orange wedge


Muddle blood orange wedge with syrup in a mixing glass. Add ice and remaining ingredients. Shake and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

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2 Doctor's Note

A cocktail from Bar 54 in NYC, this one-and-done drink features Jameson, maple syrup, and an egg white.


1.5 Jameson

.5 Dem Syrup

1/2 Egg White

.75 Lemon

Bar Spoon Maple Syrup

Muddled clove and sage


Shaken and strained over cold draft ice in a Collins glass. Garnish with sage.

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3 Corpse Reviver

Another one from Bar 54, this cocktail features lemon and triple sec for a delicious fruity drink. But don't be fooled—it packs a punch with gin, Lillet, and absinthe.


1 oz gin

1 oz Lillet

1 oz cointreau (triple sec)

1 oz lemon

Splash of absinthe


Shake all ingredients together over ice. Served in a coupe with 2 cherries.

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4 Black Barrel Cider

This drink can be served hot or cold and features tequila. Any questions?


1 ½ parts Hornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila

¾ part apple cider

¾ part cinnamon syrup*

1 part lemon juice

2 dashes Angostura® Bitters

2 parts water


*To make cinnamon syrup: Mix together 1 part sugar, 1 part water and 4 crushed cinnamon sticks. Bring to a boil (approximately 1-2 minutes). Once cooled down, strain into a glass.

Lastly, Combine all ingredients together and serve. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and an apple wedge. Can be served hot or cold.

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5 Spooky Slime

Make these shooters for a party, or make the cocktail version (below) for a spooky-chic dinner (even if it's just of one).


3 oz. Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime (or other soda)

Splash of orange juice

1 package of green Jello

2 cups boiling water

4 cups cold water

(Cocktail version: Add 1 1/2 oz. tequila)


Follow the instructions indicated on the package to make the Jello (with boiling water). Stir in the cold water and allow to chill for 3-4 hours. Use a utensil to break up the jello into small pieces. After that, shake together Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime and orange juice and pour into a chilled glass rimmed with salt. Add 1/2 cup of green Jello and stir slowly. Let Jello set in fridge before serving.

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6 Bobbing for Apples

This delicious drink is the perfect representation of fall—you know, the boozy representation.


1.25 oz. Nolet's Silver Dry Gin

1 oz. apple juice

0.5 oz. fresh lime juice

0.5 oz. honey


Shake all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Fine-strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with an apple slice.

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7 Pumpkin Spike

PSL? Please.


1.25 oz. Nolet's Silver Dry Gin

1 oz. pumpkin puree

1 whole egg

.5 oz. maple syrup

1 bar spoon of sugar (or spoon of sugar)


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Dry shake until emulsified (about one minute). Add ice and shake again, vigorously. Double strain into a martini glass. Dust the top with nutmeg to garnish.

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8 Ghost Martini

Two ingredients make this as quick and easy as saying "boo."


3 Parts elit by Stolichnaya

Cocktail onion


Pour elit into a mixing glass with ice and stir until ice cold. Strain and serve up. Garnish with a cocktail onion.

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9 Blood Punch

Make a glass or make enough for a huge punch bowl. There are no rules.


1 parts Malibu® Black

½ part orange juice

½ part cranberry juice

½ part pineapple juice


Build in a pint glass filled with ice. Garnish with black licorice.

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10 Sleepy Hollow

This drink by Josh Mazza at The Gilroy is definitely a head-turner—but fear not, it's just as delicious without the dry ice.


1 1/2 oz. The Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky

3/4 oz. Bittermans Coffee Liqueur

1/2 oz. Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur

2 1/2 oz. Almond Milk


Build into a Tiki mug. Add 1 pellet dry ice. Garnish with grated chocolate.

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