Five Steps to Going Short


1. Be Fearless

Jeanette Zinno, 24, has always had long locks. "I actually wanted to cut my hair short for a while, but never went through with it," she said. "I think I finally decided to go for the plunge because I wanted a more mature, sexier look and needed a change."

Ted Gibson Salon's Senior Stylist Liam Carey says, "Going short gives you a strong, confident, sexy look. I love giving women short haircuts that have flexibility, styling, and keeping it feminine — that's why women come to me for short hair."

2. Know What You Want

Before you sit down in your stylist's chair, Liam (pictured) says, take "face shape, hair texture, maintenance, and overall desired look" into account — "Whenever going from long to short, mentally prepare yourself for a major change that's going to make you look different. Consider life events as well — what you really want for those special days. Depending on the length, it could take six months to a year to grow out short hair."

3. Bring Pictures

"In this situation, telling your stylist to do whatever he/she wants may not be the best idea," says Liam. "Whenever making a major change, it's great to have reference pictures. The consultation is key; listening to your stylist and his/her recommendations, and feeling comfortable with saying yes or no."

Jeanette went for some celeb inspiration: "I was thinking Natalie Portman style, but when I was looking for photos I came across an awesome photo of Agyness Deyn. I love how her hair is long enough to style different ways and is still a strong cut, and can go from chic and feminine to rocker chick."
Jeffrey Mayer/

4. Go for It!

"When I was explaining to Liam how I wanted to cut my hair, he was confident that it would suit my face, and he told me to go for ALL or nothing. I panicked a little when he cut it to my shoulders in a few seconds, but I trusted him and knew he wouldn't let me look like a dude."

The result? A picture-perfect 'do! Jeanette looks like Agyness's brunette twin — her features stand out and grab the spotlight with her new short hair.

5. Play with It

"I love the results and have gotten used to it. I love being able to style it in different ways even though it's short," Jeanette says. "My friends and family all think it looks fierce and think I'm daring for making such a drastic change."

Not crazy about your own short cut? "Consult with another stylist for styling tips and ideas/ways for growing it out," Liam suggests. "You can try different hair accessories to take away from the cut, such as wearing a cute bow, clip, or headband, and play around with styling it differently — or there's always a wig and extensions!"
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