The 19 Best Hair Glosses and Glazes That Promise the Ultimate Finish

It's time to bring your hair back to life.

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If you thought a hair gloss was just a novelty item at the end of your in-salon color treatment,'re just like me! In my mind, hair glosses and glazes were sort of like a prescription conditioner, a heavy-duty treatment only professionals could apply. I was mostly wrong. As New York City colorist Rita Hazan explains, "A hair gloss is a translucent, very sheer color. And it does have a bit of conditioner in it so it smooths out the cuticle, adding hydration." Hair gloss isn't just for the salon, either: These days, there's an impressive crop of at-home glosses and hair glazes that deliver results just as impressive as their professional counterparts.

What does hair gloss do for your hair?

Who could benefit from hair gloss, I hear you ask? The short answer: Everyone. Ideal candidates for gloss are those with color-treated hair that's gone left. Say, a blonde that's gotten a little brassy, or a brunette that's dulled or gone ashy. The gentle pigmentation in hair glosses can stain the hair and add a tint of color to take it back to a vibrant, enhanced tone.

Can hair gloss damage the hair?

There are forms of hair gloss—often used as a color depositing shine for salon use—that are not damaging at all. As opposed to hair toners or other types of color depositing mixtures, these types of hair glosses don’t require hydrogen peroxide or other types of chemical developers, so your hair will be happy. 

What’s the difference between a hair gloss and a hair glaze?

Simply put, the main difference between a hair gloss and hair glaze is the potency of each product. A glaze is what it sounds like—a product that only touches the surface of the hair—while hair glosses penetrates strands for a more efficient treatment. 

What kind of hair gloss should I use?

Most of the formulas we've included in this round-up of the best hair glosses and blazes come in a range of shades, so you can select the dye that works best for the color you're hoping to achieve. 

Some of them, though, are clear glosses, which means two things. You can use it on strands that haven't been color-treated for that shiny look, or you can use it on any shade of dyed hair. Both work wonders to amp up the sheen and all-over vibrancy of your strands. Ahead, our picks for the best at-home hair glosses available now.

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