10 Things You Think During Spin Class

Is it time for arms yet?

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Whether you're a SoulCycler, a Flywheeler, or something else entirely, those that spin know it's 45 minutes of sweat, strength, and unbridled emotion. Here, 10 things that go through our minds (or escape out of our mouths) every time we clip in—for better or worse:

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1. This is stupid. This seat is broken and no one is helping me. I paid $34 for this?

2. Oh daaaaamn, I like this song. Hot damn this is a good one. I'm gonna just casually mouth the words and get the whole class asking how I does that.

3. Is that girl in the bandana serious? Take it down a notch, sister.

4. Who on earth thinks choreography and stationary bikes are compatible. Like, I'm sorry, but who?

5. [Singing] "…WEEP, little li-ON man, you're not as brave as you were at the staaaart."

6. Is it time for arms yet?

7. Are arms over yet?

8. Sweet heavens, I feel potent. I am going to go spinning all day every day. Hell, I might become an instructor. I wonder how long instructor training is…Would I be nervous to speak in front of the class? Would I steer clear of affirmations? I'm definitely not dancing. That much I know. But I could totally do this. In fact, I will do this. I am going to become a spin instructor. How did I not figure this out sooner? It's all so clear to me!

9. How is this knob not in everyone else's crotch? Who stretches like this??

10. Move, move, move. Out of my way. Oh my god, this place is just too much…Cuuuuuute $88 sweatshirt, though!


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