Visiting Poughkeepsie New York Soon?

Jeanne does live in

Poughkeepsie (proper) but trains around the Shawngunk Ridge (Gunks) and Catskill

Mountains. I was informed the Gunks are a world famous rock climbing ridge that

leads up to the Catskills. You can definitely find out more at

Jeanne swims at SUNY New

with their Masters group or at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde

Park, NY

In the summer, she swims in Lake Minnewaska in Minnewaska State Park. The park has a section of this

lake for club members only. You have to pass a swim test and pay $15 to be able

to open swim from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Its great open water swim


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But where does she ride? Well her favorite ride seems to be either New Paltz, NY, Mohonk Mountain hill climb and Minnewaska hill climb. Minnewaska is a 5 mile climb

that averages 6%. Mohonk is a 2 mile climb that averages 8%. We ride a 28 mile

loop that hits both of them. There are so many great places to ride out here.

Ulster and Greene County are really the best places to ride. The Tri-Life Club comes up here to train from NYC.

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Jeanne generally runs at Mohonk Mountain House and

Minnewaska State Park. These two places link together so you have endless trails.

Looking for a place to lift? Jeanne recommends the The

Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. They

have a very nice pool that does not get used very much. But its also 86



Chemical Brothers – anything

by them, great for bike training in the winter

Rage Against the Machine – I

place these in the middle of my workouts for some extra motivation

Madonna – the material girl

has some great beats

Matisyahu – love ska and

dancehall when running, he has such a positive message to his songs!

Pixies – love em!

Of course Jeanne uses her TIMEX iControl when she's running.

She's definitely a punk/ska/alternative/new/inde girl! Look for Jeanne when your in or near Poughkeepsie (yea, I cut and pasted it). Jeanne has some great blog entries of her own. CHeck them out here:
Jeanne's TIMEX Blog.

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