Lea Goldman

Lea Goldman

The New Guard: America's 50 Most Influential Women

Our 4th-annual list of movers, shakers, and rule breakers.

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The 'Star Wars' Way to Look at Life, Courtesy of This Epic New Book

Author Cass Sunstein is rethinking all your assumptions about heroes, politics, sexism, and that galaxy far, far away.

Meet the Woman Who Helped Bring 'Hamilton' to the Stage

Jill Furman, one of the Tony-winning producers of the epic show, talks about her crucial role.

The New Guard: The 50 Most Influential Women in America

Meet them. Learn from them. Then join them.

The New iPhone 6s: Our Official Review

Live photos, "pop and peek" previews...these new features are going to change the game.

Scandals, Lawsuits, and the Future of Gawker: A Candid Conversation with Its President, Heather...

Breaking down the blowback from the summer all hell broke loose.

career and marriage
Till Careers Do Us Part
A new generation of smart, accomplished women is learning the hard way that just because a man says he's enamored by a successful woman…
pay raise
The Irrational Fear that's Keeping You from Your Next Raise
It's one small but crucial detail.
In a rare interview, Williams-Sonoma Chief Executive Officer Laura Alber, 45, sounds off on how to ace an interview, surviving her toug…
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kate bolduan cnn new day
Background Check
Kate Bolduan, the 30-year-old cohost of CNN's New Day, shares her predawn routine, best career advice, and the carb she just can't quit…
The High-Performer's Cheat Sheet
The 10 rarely-discussed-but-totally-essential career skills they don't teach in business schooland expert advice on how to nail them.
Are We Allowed to Gloat?
Marie Claires Features and Special Projects Director delves into why so many women who "opted-out" of their careers, now want back in.
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The Problem with Casual Fridays
It's supposed to be easy — slip on some jeans and a cute blouse and go. So why do so many women have trouble nailing it?
joanne crewes
MC@Work: Passport to Success
Want to upgrade your career? Relocate! That's the takeaway from Joanne Crewes, who at 25 moved to Japan for Procter & Gamble, armed…
The Best Defense in Football
More than a decade ago, Anastasia Danias was just another lawyer at a big firm, until she jumped ship to join the legal department of t…
Jessica Chastain: Supernova
Jessica Chastain stormed Hollywood last year with a string of daring roles that had everyone taking notice. Now the star of "Zero Dark …
MC@Work: Getting to Know Orit Gadiesh
As chairman of top consulting firm Bain & Company, Orit Gadiesh reveals her secrets for succeeding in a mostly male profession and…
gina centrello
A Page-Turning Career
As president and publisher of Random House, Gina Centrello turned the once well-regarded but sluggish publisher into a best-seller powe…
Why Women Pay More
From dry cleaning to haircuts, women often pay more than men due to gender pricing. Find out why you may be paying more, but receiving …
Who to Ask Why Women Pay More
Drop your local governor or member of Congress a line demanding a federal law outlawing gender pricing. We've posted all of their conta…
thia breen
At Work with Estee Lauder President Thia Breen
The power player shares the most important lessons learned from 30 years in the beauty business.
pink products
The Big Business of Breast Cancer
Some $6 billion a year is committed to breast cancer research and awareness campaigns. Is it any wonder that the disease has become a g…
anna faris
Anna Faris: Blonde, Ambitious & In on the Joke
She has made a lucrative career playing ditzy bombshells for laughs. This month, she stars in the raunchy What's Your Number? Is she cr…
devil wears prada
Is Your Boss a Bully?
She assigns you the worst projects, favors your colleagues, even slams your appearance. Demanding, yes, but has your boss crossed the l…
ballet dancer
What It Costs to Be Me: U.S. Edition
Women from across the nation reveal their annual income, how they spend their money, and what they love to splurge on!
iv vitamin
New Health Trend: IV Vitamin Therapy
Three tricks to having more energy, even if you don't get more snooze time.The latest must-have procedure of wellness-obsessed body buf…
kate and ginny
The Skinny on Kate & Ginny
Weddings! Babies! Boys! Something Borrowed costars Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin get down to some serious girl talk.
cecile richards
Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Speaks Out
What's it like running an organization in the crosshairs of politicians, rabid opposition, and even the Supreme Court? For Cecile Richa…
woman sitting at office chair with tissues in her lap and surrounding her on the floor
Are Women Too Emotional at Work?
Now that women make up the bulk of the workforce, should we brace ourselves for more tears at the office?
female executive
What Does Your Desk Say About You?
Whether it's a shrine to your kitty or clean enough to conduct surgery in, your workspace makes a big statement. But are you sure it's …