Worth It: 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Body Cream

No lie: My skin has never, ever felt softer.

111skin body cream
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The Promise 

The definition of luxury might be using finely-ground diamond particles as one’s preferred method of exfoliation. Such is how 111Skin’s Celestial Black Diamond range got its claim to fame—and attracted some famous fans. The brand, which originally launched in 2002 under the leadership of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, has put forth a handful of products under the Celestial Black Diamond umbrella through the years. There’s the infamous sheet mask that’s loved by everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Cate Blanchett to Posh Spice. Then, there’s the night cream that touts a price tag of $995. The full roster now totals 18 products, and we’re here to talk about the most recent launch—which happens to be the collection’s first body care product. 

Unlike other products in the Celestial Black Diamond range, the body cream includes the brand’s famed NAC Y²™ antioxidant complex. To give you the spark notes: The physician-developed compound has been proven to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin health, and decrease inflammation. Add hydrating hyaluronic acid, calming centella asiatica, and brightening licorice extract to the mix, and this cream's ingredient roster is said to justify the $170 price tag. As we do with all our Worth It features, we put it to the test. 

Why I’m Obsessed 

Allow me to humble brag: I have abnormally soft skin. Every time someone grabs my hand or touches an arm or leg, they are, in so few words, amazed. Not to toot my own horn too much, but it’s always been attributed to good, ol' genetics. That in mind, body lotion was never really a necessity for me. It was more of an annoyance—another step in my routine that either didn’t rub in, caused pilling, or took up time for a benefit that I, frankly, didn’t need. But part of my job description is quite literally to test products—body care included. 

When the 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Body Cream came across my desk, I was  intrigued. Not so much on the hydration front (although, that’s all well and good), but more so because of the wide range of additional benefits, including its ability to reduce redness (thank you, centella asiatica and NAC Y²™) and decrease the look of hyperpigmentation (thank you, licorice extract). I’m a terrible healer, and my legs and arms are covered in dark marks from shaving knicks, old bug bites, and random bangs and scratches of unknown origin. I’m clumsy, ok? So any product that’s going to speed along the healing process and give me a brighter, more even skin tone I can easily get behind.

At baseline, the cream checked off all the boxes. It has an elegant texture that doesn’t pill or smell. It rubs in and absorbs in an efficient manner. It’s not tacky or sticky, either—I put clothes on directly after application. And, for anyone that does need added hydration, I can confirm it 100 percent does the job. My skin currently feels the softest it ever has. Period, end of story. 

Figuring out if it would address my redness, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin tone, however, took more of a time investment. My skin looked calm post-application, sure. But it took a couple of days to genuinely start seeing a difference. Once the effects started to kick in, though, I was stunned. Stubborn marks that I’ve been fighting for weeks have finally started to fade. Redness left behind by bug bites that refuse to heal have finally become one with the rest of my skin tone. And instead of my legs looking a lil ashy and dull, they actually look healthy and bright and shiny. I suppose I’m now, for the first time in my life, a body cream convert. 

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