Game Over: I Found Literally the Best Mascara Ever

Long, curled, thick perfection. Oh, and it doesn't flake.

You should know this about me: I am a big-time beauty girl. Where I come from (the South), you are never not wearing a fully made-up face, and the credo is "The higher the hair, the closer to God." Also, if you show up at your grandmother's house without mascara on, she will say something about how tired you look...hence the aforementioned always-fully-made-up face.

So I've been playing with products since before I can remember, and I genuinely believe that the right find can literally change your life. For the confidence boost alone, maybe, but also for the ease and the relief of knowing that a brand out there gets you and can meet your needs. (Because no, you are not a freak, and whatever beauty needs you have are normal.)

Something else you should know: I have never bought the same tube of mascara twice. I guess I'm a bit of a product flirt, flitting from one great asset (length!) to another (volume!), never thinking I could find them all in one place. Granted, I do have a very specific set of Ideal Mascara criteria...

  1. Must not—MUST. NOT.—flatten my curl. Curling at the base is my biggest beauty secret. (You're welcome.) I do it every morning, a few times for each eye, and it's the best way to make my lashes look super-long and pretty.
  2. No clumping. Obviously.
  3. No flaking either.
  4. No insane volume/lash-binding properties that will end up looking fake. I don't want spindly lashes, because they sort of disappear, but the major volume versions tend to look like tarantula legs on my face.
  5. Must be waterproof.
  6. Must be lengthening.
  7. Can't feel like they're going to shatter. 
  8. Must not smell like toxic fumes.

And I'm here to report that I have found it. 

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(Image credit: Cle de Peau)

Meet Cle de Peau's new Perfect Lash Mascara. Which, yes, costs $50. I know. But it is so worth the splurge, trust me. 

This mascara does all the above like a champ, and it wears beautifully—I swear it looks the same when I take it off as when I put it on. And I've gotten actual real-live compliments on my lashes since I started wearing it, which means, naturally, that I'm never turning back. See you on the dark (long, lush, curled, flakeless) side.

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