Hilary Duff's Summer Hair Makeover Just Made a Case for '70s Bangs

Well I'm convinced.

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  • Actress Hilary Duff has unveiled a gorgeous hair makeover on her Instagram page.
  • Transforming her usual long lengths, the 31-year-old mother of two has opted for '70s inspired, effortless bangs that are perfect for summer.
  • After revealing her new look, Hilary attended the LA press day for Comedy Central and looked stunning in a matching retro outfit.

    I have been taking firm hair inspiration from Hilary Duff since 2001 when she was all about tiny pigtails, butterfly clips, and bandanas, and I ain’t stopping any time soon. The 31-year-old mother of two unveiled her latest makeover on Thursday night via Instagram, and now all I can think about is booking a salon appointment to recreate it as soon as possible.

    As of late, Hilary has been rocking a pretty laid back approach to her beauty. After a quick stint as a Kylie Jenner-esque platinum blonde, she’s swapped back to her softer, signature beachy ombre—and now there are bangs involved too.

    Crediting her stylist Nikki Lee for the gorgeous cut, the Haunting of Sharon Tate star wrote: “Well @nikkilee901 came thru with these fly 70s summer bangs and @allanface face painted me up right and @highheelprncess got me this gorgeous flowing dress with some sassy ass boots. Mama feeling good.”

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    The actress couldn’t have described her new look better. It’s the perfect retro, summer-ready trim, with center-parted, super long mermaid waves, and long, sweeping bangs. The addition of a few even blonder highlights through the bangs are also a great idea for perfectly framing Hilary’s face. It’s total perfection, and a genius idea for rocking bangs through summer without the sweaty, clinging, ‘oh no I’m gonna have to wash them in the sink’ vibe.

    Later on, Hilary appeared on the red carpet for the LA press day for Comedy Central, and she's clearly all about the '70s throwbacks right now. She looked stunning in a retro outfit to reflect her new look, wearing an Adriana Iglesias floral dress and incredible blue thigh high boots by Leslilla.

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    Sophie Turner with those Stevie Nicks-inspired bangs, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner with their cool girl clip-ins, and now Hilary with the '70s look? Wow, these celebrities really want me to do something I’ll regret…

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