Sophie Turner Got Long Blonde Bangs and Looks Almost Unrecognizable

Just like Maisie Williams, she's had a post-GoT transformation.

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Prepare to choke on your morning coffee and then immediately feel the urge to book a salon appointment, because everyone's favorite Queen in the North Sophie Turner has just unveiled a brand new hairstyle that nobody was expecting—and it looks incredible.

Celebrating the end of one milestone and the start of another in her career, the 23-year-old newly married Game of Thrones star stepped out in London on Thursday, looking like the ultimate '70s-inspired cool girl. Totally transforming her usual look, hairstylist Christian Wood gave Sophie long, eyelash skimming, blonde bangs. Paired with choppy layers to frame her face, an intense smokey eye and the single coolest velvet suit of all time, it was a real style moment for the actress.

Of course, it could be the work of some clever hair piece trickery, but it’s still all the proof Sophie needs that this is totally a cut she could commit to. And all the proof you need that you probably need bangs this summer.

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It seems that Sophie, like Sansa, uses her hair transformations to mark different chapters in her life. In an interview with People, she once explained that her iconic time as a redhead meant a lot to her: “My red hair represents the most amazing period of my life. It was the first time that I threw myself completely into something and transformed myself for it."

With that in mind, it makes total sense that it’s time for a new look to match a whirlwind couple of months for her. She and husband Joe Jonas got married in a surprise Las Vegas ceremony just a few weeks ago and, with Sansa left behind in Westeros for good, she’s stepping into her lead role in the latest X-Men movie, Jean Grey. Interestingly, her onscreen sister Maisie Williams also revealed a post-Game of Thrones makeover earlier this week.

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Now, please excuse me while I go give myself long retro bangs and buy a velvet suit… Hmm, actually, why do I feel like that’s a combo that should be left to Sophie Turner and Sophie Turner alone?

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