Kate Middleton Subtly Changed Up Her Hair In Time for the Holidays

When Kate Middleton arrived at the Queen's 2019 Christmas lunch, her hair looked a little different.

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(Image credit: Karwai Tang)

Ooooh, this is exciting! Did Kate Middleton get a holiday haircut? As spotted originally by "So Many Thoughts" and royal reporter/enthusiast Elizabeth Holmes on Instagram, Kate may have changed her hair again via a quick trim, which we saw yesterday as the family drove to Buckingham Palace. As I so often do with royal change-ups, I immediately investigated with the help of recent photo evidence, and I'd like you to join me—puts on tin foil hat.

All right so here we have her at Peterley Manor Farm on December 4, working with kids and helping them find a Christmas tree (adorbs). If you notice, there are a few tendrils that are ear-level, but for the most part it's all at the same length—well beyond her collarbone. If she has extensions in, they're particularly well done, because they add bulk and volume without dragging everything down.

And here we have Kate in the car on the way to the Queen's Christmas Lunch at Buckingham PalaceBehold! More layers starting at the collarbone, more depth throughout the hair, more bounce. I don't just think it comes down to the hair being a little more curled than the above photo, either. The overall length looks abouuuut the same, but maybe a tiny little trim at the bottom as well.

Royal Family Attend Christmas Lunch At Buckingham Palace

(Image credit: Karwai Tang)

I'm totally right! Am I totally right? *Eye starts twitching.*

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