Why Retrouvé's Body Oil Is Worth It

Found: the cure to scaly legs.

retrouvé body oil worth it
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Welcome back to Worth It, a bi-weekly breakdown of the absolute best new beauty product I've tried. Sure, splurging on makeup or skincare is a risk, but trust that this beauty editor will only recommend something I wholeheartedly believe is worth every penny. Because you deserve the best of the best. Keep reading to discover the one product you do not want to miss out on, and catch up on the latest Worth It breakdown, here.

The Promise

Retrouvé does not slack when it comes to using incredible ingredients, which incidentally makes it one of the most effective and transparent brands on the market. Everything from the style of pump, to the texture and scent (or lack thereof) has been created so every drop counts towards your skin or body goal. All their products are carefully formulated with high concentrations of effective actives, innovative delivery systems that allow your skin and body to truly absorb those ingredients, and they never use synthetic fragrances.

The Ultimate Balm Body Oil is just as considered. Packed with antioxidant vitamins, squalene, and avocado oil, this product doesn't just sit on the skin; it was created to seep in for long-lasting hydration. For anyone suffering from severely dry, scaly skin (also known as: me), this product should be used on damp skin for glowing hydration that actually lasts.

Why I'm Obsessed

If I'm being honest, I'm a really tough customer when it comes to body products. I am very, very hard to please. This is my issue: My legs, when left to their own devices, are reminiscent of a scaly, dehydrated lizard, and that just won't do. The products in my collection of body creams, which is quite extensive, fall short in one of two ways. Either the cream sinks into the skin so quickly that my legs feel dry by the end of the day, or it's so moisturizing that putting on snug jeans is pretty impossible. Body oils have been similarly disappointing. Sure, they're hydrating, but I basically have to commit to not wearing pants all day, leaving grease stains on all my furniture, and looking down to see every errant cat hair stuck to my legs. Not cute.

So I was professionally skeptical when I tried the Retrouvé Balm Body Oil. After showering, while my legs were still somewhat damp, I pumped some of this product into my palms. Here's another one of my quirks: I actually hate the texture of oils. I appreciate their effectiveness, but something about their smoothness disturbs me. I was ready to power through it in the pursuit of soft legs, but imagine my joy when I saw that the Body Oil was actually more of the texture of a jelly-like serum. When applied, it made my legs gloriously shiny and hydrated, like an oil would without the greasy feeling. After letting the product sink in for a few minutes, I was able to put on pants easily, and that night, my legs still glistened slightly and felt moisturized to the touch. Scales? Gone. Uncomfortable itchiness? None. No cat hairs weirdly attached to me, no oil marks left on my couch, truly no downsides at all. I've finally found my body cure, and I will never, ever let it go.

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Tatjana Freund

Tatjana Freund is a Beauty Commerce Writer, covering makeup, skincare, and haircare products and trends. She's a fan of vodka tonics and creepy Wikipedia pages.