The Detox Diaries: Days 6-10

Testing out Dr. Frank Lipman's popular cleanse program.

At the end of my last post about my adventure with Dr. Frank Lipman's Be Well Cleanse I was feeling like I had turned a corner. And that was definitely true.

Gone were the caffeine withdrawal headaches and constant sugar cravings, but that's not to say I didn't have moments where I struggled. And that, in case you were wondering, is where that picture of Gwyneth Paltrow hanging on Steven Spielberg's yacht comes in. Anyone who knows me knows I've been a huge GP fan since she was doing made-for-television movies with her mom. I still love her movies (yes, I saw Country Strong twice), but I'm more obsessed with her health and fitness routine. While I'm not sure if Gwynnie's ever done his cleanse, I know she is a fan of Dr. Lipman's and if I can start looking half as good as she does in a bikini, I'll be thrilled. Let's be honest, while I truly do want to balance out my insides and eat more healthily via this program, losing a couple of the extra lbs I've added to my mid-section in my mid-thirties wouldn't be terrible. So I used those pics as motivation when, say, I walked by the Uncle Louie G's Italian Ice stand that sits next to the exit of my subway station. Or when I wondered whether or not I could blame the cleanse for not working out. What Would Gwyneth Do? Not eat the refined sugar and go to the gym, that's what. (Note: Triathalon-running, royal sister-in-law Pippa Middleton works in this context as well.) I'd highly suggest finding something that motivates you too, whatever that may be.

But for every moment of (almost) weakness, the past few days have made me aware of how good it's possible for me to feel. I really didn't even think I was feeling incredibly bad until I starting noticing how much more energy I have now. I'm more alert and focused. And I find myself going to bed before midnight every night and even waking up sans alarm some mornings. This never, ever happened before. Plus, more than a few people have pointed out that I look good. (Who doesn't get a little boost from that?) And I even think I've got a bit more swagger in my step. Bam.

Now I know I can make it these last few days without cheating. But I'm starting to fear what's next when it's over? Will I be able to keep up my healthy habits? Stay tuned...

For more information on Dr. Lipman, check out his website.