Angelina Jolie Is a Full-On Blonde Now

It's been a slow (and healthy) transformation.

Angelina Jolie in New York City with blonde hair
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When you think "blonde Angelina Jolie," your mind likely travels back to 1999, when Girl, Interrupted hit theaters and the actress kept her movie dye job (but thankfully ditched the haphazard micro-bangs). Now, exactly twenty five years later, Jolie has gone back to her blonde roots.

While leaving her Atelier Jolie store in New York on Wednesday, February 21, the 48-year-old was seen with a new head of shiny, dirty blonde hair. Laying a few inches past her shoulders, her hair was blown out sleek and straight, looking incredibly glamorous even though the wind wasn't on her side.

Angelina Jolie is blonde in New York City

Angelina Jolie gave fans a glimpse at her fully blonde hair late Wednesday evening in New York City.

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Jolie's brunette-to-blonde transformation has been in the works for a while. In December, the Oscar winner was spotted walking around the East Village with an ombré hair color, her natural dark roots transitioning to a warm blonde at mid-lengths. This slow color change-up is a good thing for multiple reasons: It gives beauty lovers more hairstyles to take in, and it's a sign Jolie is taking care of her hair.

“Don’t be impulsive when it comes to being blonde,” celebrity hairstylist Barb Thompson previously told Marie Claire while discussing healthy blonding. “I tell most clients to give me at least three appointments to get the inspiration for blonde that they have. It’s a marathon not a sprint.”

A blonde Angelina Jolie in February 1999.

A blonde Angelina Jolie in February 1999.

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Angelina Jolie takes a walk in New York in December 2023.

An ombré Angelina Jolie in December 2023, before her full blonde transformation was complete.

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Because bleach is involved, transitioning to a lighter hue can be incredibly damaging. "Blonding your hair is a process of opening up the cuticle and removing elements of your hair until it gets to your desired level of yellow tone, and often adding a color to neutralize the tone that remains," adds Creative Director of Aveda Arts & Sciences InstitutesTatum Neill.

The good news? Jolie absolutely took things easy and has gorgeous, healthy hair to show for it. A marathon winner, indeed.

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